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For engaged or married ladies...

Where did your fiance or husband propose?

My boyfriend proposed to me at the place we first kissed. It was so sweet!
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My Husband proposed to me at Miami Seaqurium. It was a Wednesday and it was his day off work. I had to work that day and he told me to call in sick so we can spend the day together. We went out for breakfeast and then we went to the Seaqurium. He propsed to me during one of the whale shows. It was so beautiful and sweet. He made that day very special for us.
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we were living abroad for 4 years.we decided to go back home  for a holiday and he proposed to me in his house.He was acting all weird all day i so wasnt expecting it.Then when i turned around all my family and friends  were there.It was the best
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he had come home from oki, japan for the christmas holidays (he is a marine and that was where he was at the time). we had planned a romantic evening out. the night started off BAD. he forgot his wallet, we missed our original reservations and it was just a nightmare. well we did find an even better restaurant that was open late. we were walking into the restaurant when he stopped me, kissed me and got down on one knee (and of course there was a lovely, light snow falling and he just looked so handsome standing under the light in his dress blues) and asked me to be his wife. i started crying and said yes. we celebrated with a wonderful dinner with the most perfect view of downtown pittsburgh and a big bottle of champagne that the restaurant manager gave to us as a gift to congratulate us on our engagement. it was the most PERFECT night ever!
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Morton Steak House! It was suppose to be his birthday celebration at his favorite place. He's a meat and potatoes kind of guy. It was suppose to be only me an him and out of no where his family showed up. I got angry, because it was suppose to be just us too and suddenly the piano man dedicated a song to me, my b/f got on his knees, his family surrounded me and he proposed. Everyone was aware, including the staff, but me.

They brought us a "Creme Bruele"....I cried and sayed, yes and an apology for being upset that his uninvited family showed up.:)

p.s. we did go back for our 2nd annivesary.
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Oh, I forgot to say, our table was by the fireplace. He had the biggest, juciest steak, and double baked potato, we had a bottle of champaign and my ring is hugh and to die for and I think I'll keep him!
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