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For the men only "PLEASE"

There really is not a men's social group as their is for women so I am going to post this here and ask the men only from their eyes.  

What is being a man mean to you?
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Being a many means...

Knowing that each day may be the last that you see your children.

Doing whatever you can to support your family no matter what your life, training and desires would lead you to want to do.

Everyone else eats first when times are tough and you don't complain about it,

Poetry, love, and strength should all be able to be produced through the use of your mind and your hands.

Babies are miracles so are dirty diapers be prepared to take care of both,

You should know how to defend your family and yourself.  Too brag that you can do so is foolish.  Bushi do & Roosevelt had shared knowledge figure out what it is.

Churches are for other members of your family you go to promote unity.  You should really find god in every childs face, every fish caught, every flat tire.  God is an experience that surround s people who REALLY see every moment of their lives.

Being a man means that you lear about relationships from each laugh you get in third grade when you talk to the girl you like and the other girls giggle and it continues with each rejection throughout your life.  Conquests are not conquests because you "score".  The real conquest is as you slowly are taught by society what the women you like want you to present.

Being a man means knowing that society considers you expendable from the battlefield to the courts you are valued not for your love, skills, talents or even looks but rather from the blood or the money you can shed.

It also means that you are the one whose shoulders your child will seek when they are young and when they are old.  The patience that you nurture in the face of all tragedies that you will face and in America as a man you will face tragedies each one with the same force on your soul as a death, is the patience that your children will think came easy and will try to master.

Being a man means that seeing the easieness of the path of violence you instead choose to take peace when violence is not needed.  It also means knowing that violence is a last resort usually of the incompetent.

Being a man means learning to master your body mind and  soul.  Yet to know that you control nothing and risk losing everything.

Not a hallmark statement but that is the reality of being a man in this country.
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I dont mean to bust your chops, but maybe you can make a suggestion in the Medhelp suggestions forum...
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There is the Men's Health forum - not much of a social forum, but it is (almost) all men...

What does being a man mean to me?

I guess it means taking responsibility for looking after myself, and looking after those who depend on me.  No-one else is going to do either of those things.

It means being able to put up my own shelves, and fix my own car.

It means teaching my kids to do those things too.

It means being the butt of sexist jokes made by women, but it being politically incorrect to make sexist jokes back at them.

It means encouraging my kids to take calculated risks (like climbing trees, or taking out a variable-rate mortgage), and leading by example.

It means teaching my kids that, when you take a calculated risk and lose, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, fix anything that's broken, learn from the experience, and move on.

It must mean a whole bunch of other things too, but it's too early in the morning for me to think of any more (plus I should really be trying to get some work done before the week goes and ends on me).
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I know this is for men but I just wanted to say that what you both are saying is wonderful.  I really wish more men thought the way to two of you do.  Maybe we wouldn't have so much heartache if more men were this way.  There are a lot of women who need to appreciate the men they have as well.  Thanks for sharing.
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Sorry, I'm not a male :P

But, I can tell you what my dad always said a "man" was. He used to say," a man is someone who takes responsibility for his actions, he makes no excuses, he doesn't hide from it, or lie about it. He faces the challenges in his life head on and he always tries to respect those around him, family, friends and strangers alike."
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Why does this have to be for men only? I believe that there is a women's social forum because women naturally are more social.

If this is the way you think, SeriousSam, I hate to tell you but you are rare. I have read many of your post and they used to irritate me because you appear to have a chip on your shoulder about women verses men. If you are anything like what you wrote about, "what it is like to be a man?", I believe you are what a man should be like. I'm sorry for whatever happened in your life to make you so angry. I feel you have so much that could be offered to other males in a positive way such as being an example of what a man should be like. Forget about the whole men verses women thing, and set a good example for others. Except for this issue, you sound alot like my Dad who was a great male example.

Do you work in corrections or law enforcement by any chance?

Sorry for posting on a Man only forum but, remember I'm just a woman. Forgive me.
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Allow me to sabotage this one, too LOL
Just wanted to say that I am pleased with what I’ve read. If my husband were to post, he’s say the exact same words.
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You are a very lucky woman.
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Thank you! I did enjoy reading Sam's and Sammy's posts. And some of the words reminded me of my sweetheart. I love him very much. I know he'd say the same things.
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Why men only?  How often do women get a chance to see how or why men do the things they do.  I understand women better than most men do to some normal but oddly combined circumstances, training ang a personality and voice that wierdly enough often leads to people telling me all of their secrets ambitions etc. no matter how blunt or odd.

But... I would be presumptious in telling you how a woman thinks.  Tthe same with men & this topic.

Actually my background is social work psychology(finishing BA's) with an associates in Criminal Justice and more than a couple years in the army.

No experience in corrections or law enforcement my opinion is somewhat antithetical regarding the philosophy and attitudes generally expressed in those fields.
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It makes me sad to see that your own gender, except for Sammy, chooses to remain silent. No feedback on the Men`s Health forum, little on here. Missing out on all the opportunities to speak up. Why, why, why.
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Trial,  I think  it's because men aren't usually all that chatty.  

Men like to play basketball or golf of barbecue and women like to stand in the kitchen and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.  

Men like to talk to women,  and women like to talk to men,  but when you have a thread where it says please only men talk to men only you will see few men there.

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