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Frequent Anal Sex?

My girlfriend and I are both 25 and have been together for well over a year. When we first started dating, I got tested for all of the common types of STDs that my primary care physician recommended I get tested for and everything came back with great results.

My girlfriend really enjoys anal sex. She's able to orgasm from it alone (no other stimulation) and we both feel it adds something exciting to our sex life. However, she's concerned about having anal sex often for fear of any tearing problems, incontinence, etc., that might happen as a result of frequent anal sex (my definition of frequent is once or twice a week).

I've done my research and have looked into this and we make sure to use PLENTY of lube. When I think I've put enough lube on, I put more on. I frequently ask her if she's OK during sex (both anal sex and vaginal sex), and I go at her own pace. We have great communication but I figured it best to post here for a word from an expert.

I've read on some sites that tearing / incontinence / other issues are a result of forced entry, careless anal sex behavior, and rushed or poorly lubricated sessions. She has never complained of any pain and there has never been any bleeding (and I was nearly all the way in at 7"+). Are we OK to have anal sex a few times a week?

Love this web site. It's an amazing resource. Thanks for your help.
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My husband works in this field. I would say that it does cause alot of future issues. As for it happening to everyone I am not sure. I know that in the past and just recently had a young woman under the age of 30 who had issues because of frequent anal sex. It completely ruined her sphinter muscles and at her young age now is dealing with incontinence of the bowel. You cannot repair it. Once it is damaged its permanent. It is made to open and close and the sphincter is in charge of that. I would hate to see that eventually she could end up with this problem. I would definately talk with a specialist that would know more. I just know from what I have been told. My husband works in endoscopy where they give colonoscopys. Have you ever given her oral sex? Alot of women can orgasm from that before penetration. If she can maybe you could switch back and fourth. I just have seen cases where even a colostomy bag had to be put in. I honestly don't think that is very sexy at all. Play it safe, talk to someone who has had experience and keep using plenty of lube, thats important. Its nice that you care so much to ask for her. Its also great you can be open and honest with each other.
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This is not an expert medical opinion, but so long as your girlfriend does not feel she is getting loose or sore from the anal sex, you're probably all right. Just keep an eye on it and if troubling symptoms start, ease off for a while and give her body a chance to take care of itself (especially since the anus is not designed for frequent penetration). It couldn't hurt to make sure she has checkups with her doctor annually (if possible).

Complications such as mentioned above may arise, but as you said those are primarily from careless activities. Keep in mind that this particular forum is patient-to-patient. You might want to think about talking to Sue Johanson of the Sunday Night Sex Show (not sure if it's called that) to get a real expert opinion. Or pay the fee to post on the doctor-to-patient forums. You can learn a lot just browsing this website and reading previous posts. Either way, good luck!
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I can only tell you that I have seen many repairs of peri-rectal abscesses and fistulas from anal sex. Very painful for a long time.
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