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Girl is claiming to be pregnant.

Good Evening,

So I would like opinions on this. Before I ask I know I should of used protection, I know I was being stupid, etc.

I had a friend who was a woman for a while. But about 4 months ago we slept with each other for the first time, and it lasted for about a month straight. She was on birth control. I didn't use a condom and I didn't pull out. Near the end of that month or so I told her I wanted to go back to being friends, she didn't like that and started getting clingy telling me she wanted to be my girlfriend. I obviously didn't want that and I basically stopped talking to her. These past 4 months she text me all the time telling me she loves me, wants me, and misses me. I ignore her. A week or so ago, she sends me an ultrasound and says she's due in 5 months. There was no indication before that she was pregnant. Then also I just happen to search the internet and found the ultrasound she sent me on Google. So she lied about that. But she's still being persistent and telling me she can't wait til the baby is born and asking me to go to doctor appointments with her. I still haven't responded. She has me wondering if she really is pregnant. Or maybe she's just fishing for a response. What do you guys think?
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I think she is messing with you.  I would also call her bluff and ask when her next dr appt is, tell her you will meet her there and see what happens.  IF she is pg i would make sure to have a paternity test once the baby is born.
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Tell her to contact you when the baby is born for a DNA test.  Until then maintain no contact with her.
It is too important to ignore for 5 months so I suggest going to the doctor appt too.
Well, even if you go with her to the doctor's appointments doesn't mean the baby is yours.  It will only confirm if she is really pregnant or not.  The choice is up to you how to handle the appt. situation.  
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Good responses by all and it's good to get different opinions.  I'd probably also tell her that you will talk to her after the baby is born for a DNA test.  You could also ask to speak to the doctor on your own---  it would be awkward to attend an appointment with her under the circumstances.  But if she gives doctor and you green light to confirm --  go ahead.  Also, an ultrasound picture when legit has the patient info in a corner.  Is it there with her name?  Doubt it is yours and she is likely full of baloney and not even pregnant.  But if she is, why go through a pregnancy with her.  If you end up being the father if she has a kiddo, then you have to do what is right and pay the support and father the baby.  But let's cross our fingers that this isn't the case.  And I don't think it is.  good luck and let us know how it turns out. The good news about pregnancy scares is that they have a finite amount of time to torture us.  
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