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so today my girlfriend had a major mind-grain and then later on today she said she wanted a break and go for her ex that called her a ***** hore how ever you spell it and said she was not over him and still loves me a lot and would give me an other chance and she was not ready for an other relationship yet and i feel like huritng my self and got duped into this crap when I was there for her!!!! Even after our 1 month anniversary and my birthday (yesterday)!!!!!!?!??!?!?!!?
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I'm so sorry that your girlfriend is apparently not the ONE. You know that saying, you have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find your prince? Same applies for men. You are going to go through these things, until such a time as you find THE ONE. It has to happen that way. There's no way that you're going to come out of the gate and find that one that is meant for you. A person has to try this on for size and that on for size, and you know what? It helps a person to finally decide on that one special person to have met a few others along the way. Dating is like the circle of life. Maybe going into your relationships with a better understanding of the fact that it's not on, just because you're together. It takes time and many a winding road, to find that one special person. Don't expect too much from your first experience or the many you will have before both people ready to settle down. Sometimes getting into an adult sexual relationship before you have the age,,and the means to make it into a permanent thing is very confusing. Please learn to take relationships as just that, an experience. You can't expect long term commitment until you're old enough to support that. You'll know after you've walked down the aisle and someone has made a vow to you. Son, please hear this one thing. Your special girl, your soul mate, is out there right now, traversing the same waters as yourself. Both you and her have to swim up stream before you find each other. It's NOT always easy, it rarely is, but in the end, the current and the push will all have been worth the effort. That's what makes your one real relationship SO important, because of everything that happened along the way to get you both together. Don't continue a relationship with a girl who is unsure of her commitment to you. Teens tend to break up and get back together over and over again, and the drama is unbearable. Give someone else a try.

Please feel better and know that, like anything difficult, it will take time for you get over this. Be kind to yourself. Exercise to relieve stress. Get out and about. Read, watch movies, get a new hobby, but try your very hardest not to dwell on something that was never going to last. Remember, your wife is out there, dealing with the same things. I wonder what she looks like? I wonder if you'll meet her in college, or when you've finished college? I wonder what interesting job she wants to work toward? Take Care. Liz
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she was the one and I was into her and all that she could not get over this other dude
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The thing is, as hard as this is to understand, the one can only really be the one if they feel the same way about you as you do about her. There's rules to every equation.
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Well I will wait for her to come back around and if it does happen again I wont let her go
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I sure hope that you do get her back forever. The thing is that when people break up they have to do the work and find closure, so that other people don't get hurt. There's a reason why your girlfriend and her boyfriend broke up, but I don't think that she's really looking at that reality. I wish you all the best, and that you find happiness just as fast as humanly possible.
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She just needed me to give her some space and a lot of things is just on and needed a break....
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How long were you two together?  A month?
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a month sadly right after my birthday got the bad news :(
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hey hun ope ur ok,,but like mentioned aboved they really do need 2 feel the same way hun,,n if her minds allways on her ex then her feelings 4 him avnt gone shez moved on 2 quick,which in your case u will allwayz b second best in her mind,,itz a rebound kind of thing hun,,as hard as it is at the tym u luv her etc n u may feel shez worth the wait n all that,,but a mnth hun is nothing for this kind of thing,,u r doin yourself no good just sittin there drivin yaself mad n not knoin if shez goin come bk 2 u after it all,n this is y u feel its so hard rite now,,me personaly dnt agree wiv the rite 1 sayin ,but i wnt go in 2 that,but yea u need step bk abit n think about yourself hunni,,or u will drive yourself crazy,,wish u all the best n just luk after yaself in the mean time n carry on wiv your own life,,
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thanks but things are just hecktek and have not been working after we broke up bc of stress and things but she is over with me but i am just about to be over her too but I think she cheated and used me which I hate and dont get it at all....
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