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Have you ever ignored your inner voice and wished you hadn't?

We all have that little inner voice that speaks to us.  Sometimes it screams at us.  Sometimes we don't like what it is saying.  Have you ever ignored it and wish you hadn't?
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I've followed it and had good results, most of my life. Lately, though, it seems like my self-guidance is not working too well, and it's distressing. For example, we were sure that as my son went along in school, every year would be better for him than the previous one. But middle school has hit him like getting whacked in the face with a raw fish. Why didn't I know that it might be problematic? Where did I get such inner sureness that he would like it better than grade school? (When you tell your kid it will all be OK and he trusts you, and then it's awful, that makes you one of those hapless moms who can't be trusted, in his mind.) It has high-centered the whole family (tension, anxiety, crying, arguments) and I can't seem to find a path to free us. That's usually when my natural knowing comes to the rescue, with a plan or an outlook. Not now, though.
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I ignored my inner voice with my daughter, both last night and this morning... I'm not sure if I regret it yet or not, but I'm not real confident with everything yet, either.  It's possible the lack of confidence is simply that I'm learning to set boundaries that I've never done before and it's not totally comfortable yet.  Time will tell.
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Middle school is full of testosterone and estrogen, with the active participants totally clueless about what is going on with them.  My girls hated those years, the kids, the lunches, the weather etc!

Setting boundries is difficult at first but will come easier the more you do it.  The person you set those boundries with are usually not real happy.  Just means you may have hit a nerve~

I had many inner voices years back.  The bad ones i listened too, the good ones i ignored.  Thankfully i reversed that!
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"Setting boundries is difficult at first but will come easier the more you do it.  The person you set those boundries with are usually not real happy.  Just means you may have hit a nerve~ "  

I guess I hit a pretty deep nerve because my daughter isn't talking to me... I asked her some questions she didn't want to discuss so she talked about everything but those things, so I asked the questions again, now she's not responding at all...  I guess when her nerve quits tingling she'll get in touch with me again (or when she needs something, whichever comes first)...  thank you.
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I don't ignore my inner voice much,  and sometimes I come across making irrational decisions,  but when I get that feeling this won't work out well,  I don't do it.  I've ignored that too much in the past,  and have berated myself because I KNEW something bad was going to happen.

For that reason,  I don't get flu shots.  Because I KNOW that won't go well.  I just know it.

Interesting question,  SM.
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Hm, that's interesting that your inner voice is anti flu shot!  
I'm actually pro flu shot,  just not for me.  If I get a flu shot,  I'll have an averse reaction and I'm so sure of that,  coupled with great luck at not ever getting the flu despite my lack of a vaccine,  that I continue to not get one.  I'm for them,  on principal.

I sense you started this topic asking people if they listened to their good sense when making decisions,  not just weird premonitions,  so maybe I'm a little off-topic.  I just can sense when something's coming at me.  

The other day I was searching online for eye cream,  and found Olay Eyes.  Great reviews,  except this one girl who said it makes her skin burn.  The others said they didn't experience that at all.  Well it's like her post was in bold,  I thought,  it'll probably make my skin burn but it will tighten it up anyway.  Guess what.  Uh huh.  I'm sitting here with burning skin,  which I knew full well would happen.   *shrug*
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I ignored my inner voice for a pivotal decision in my life.  I'm still paying for it.  Sometimes I have to figure out if it is the 'smart' voice inside of me though or that negative voice of impending doom that comes on occasionally just because it's cloudy out, my hormones are whizzing around changing or I'm mad at someone.  

I do think though that our 'voice' is often dead on and says things we don't want to hear.  
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Yep, it's called denial!
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