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How are you spending your secluded time?

Many if not all of us are having a lot more time at home right now!  This is good and bad depending on the way you are looking at it and that can probably change from moment to moment.  Any revelations about what you  like and don't like?  What are you doing to pass the time when going somewhere is not an option?  
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Life suks in the great state of Minnesota.  People suk, they are rude, they are angry, they are in a hurry, they are helpless, they are greedy and after the guv gave his update to our stay at home order it will be even more ugly.  Only the restuarants that have a patio can be open and then only a few will be allowed in, with a reservation.  Salons will open up June 1st with limited people,  No church, no activities no nothing.  I drag my butt up at 5:30 a.m., leave the house at 6:40 and start greeting the happy campers at 7.  I get home about 6:30-6:45 p.m. every night.  My feet hurt, my calves hurt, my hips ache and i am so beyond tired.......The grill is our friend here.

I need new shoes, a new phone, a haircut a vacation and a new tattoo!  I still need a different purse but they all make me mad so have decided to venture into pursehood when i am not so "salty"!!!

Business has been so busy.  We have been killing it with the sales.  Since the stay at home order came into play our business has gone wild.  Just the paint sales are up 73%.

I need a good day on the motorcycle with the old boy,  He and the dogs are my saving grace everyday!

Other than all of the above life is great!!!  
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So, on the plus side, we eat every dinner as a family unit and have longer than ever conversations.  I have found I love documentaries and watch them on the daily.  I scared a woman I know when we were texting and she casually said "oh, documentaries.  What have you seen recently?" And I launched . . .   the list is long.  She sent the emoji with big eyes in response.  ha ha.  The whole food prep thing takes up a huge portion of my house.  The plotting to get meat and what to do with it, thawing things out from the stock pile, trying to make dinner tonight a little different than last night takes more time than you can imagine. I got a backgammon game and we have family euchre on a regular basis.  But I feel like I want to start a new hobby.  Searching for what it might be.  We got an electric guitar at a penny auction.  Seriously, a super nice, brand new fender guitar with amp for 3 dollars.  I'm threatening to play it.  We thought one of the kids would.  But since they haven't touched it, I might play the electric guitar.  lol  Why not, right?  
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So far, I'm spending "shelter in place" time either doing all the traditional "woman's work" or trying to to find another job that sounds so important to my husband that I can evade the traditional woman's work for a while.  My husband doesn't act like it would ever dawn on him to take any responsibility for food planning, buying, cooking and kitchen clean-up, or general household clean-up, or laundry.  I don't know why this would be, when we were younger and didn't have a child, we always split the domestic crap. (It's not like he's going off to work right now, either.) But apparently the boring and tedious crap is now all mine, in his mind. Will have to disabuse him of that notion one day soon before I hit him with a frying pan.
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Oh, I'm the domestic goddess at my house too.  Lordy, I plan food, cook, clean up and then it's time to do it again.  I'm trying to get my boys more involved with both the food prep and clean up.  Husband . . .  he just sits at the table with a fork in his hand saying "when eat?" caveman style.  ha ha.  I take it easy on myself and don't have to make anything elaborate most of the time.  AND, I found out that breakfast for dinner is one of the hardest things for me to make.  Flipping pancakes, stirring scrambled eggs, turning bacon, buttering toast . . . it's labor intensive.  ha.  My easy dinners turn out to be work.   We get carry out once or twice a week.  Husband and kids always act excited about it now.  My husband normally travels a lot so carry out wasn't exciting to him.  He liked my cooking when home!  NOW he is like the kids and I and gets excited about a pork chop someone else prepared besides me.  ha ha.  

Do you mean another job at the house or job outside the house?
Another job at home. So far, one thing that would get me out of food prep is if I was doing our taxes, that would be "important" in his eyes and he might take some responsibility for a meal if I were up to my elbows in papers. Another is all the paperwork needed to update our wills. But both tasks are so boring and annoying that I've put them off. The others that would get me off the cooking hot-seat would be cleaning out the garage, barn, attic, closets, etc. All the things that would get me out of cooking are basically unappealing!
I get the feeling that I'm just waiting for this to all be over (preferably in bed with the blankies over my head), but I've gotta come out and at least cook. But don't want to do anything more ambitious because then I would be admitting it's a new status quo for a long time, and I haven't wanted to admit that fully yet.
I made dinner last night and my husband says "didn't we just have this?".  Oh, if looks could kill . . . okay, what about this project?  Picture organizing.  My husband loves pictures.  I'm old enough to have tons of actual photos.  And they need organized . . .   I can disappear for long periods and claim I am doing that and he is like "oh, good good. " I'm actually just kind of crying to myself as I walk down memory lane and wonder where all the time has gone.  I love pictures but have a bit of melancholy about it right now for some reason.  
It's like that for me right now because we are at the farm, where baby Augie and I spent a good four years just being home when Daddy was at work. I found a stash of baby bottles in our upper cupboard over the fridge last week, which I had laid aside hoping for the next baby to use them. It was so sad. Things like that (such as, a little girl's dress hanging in the guest-room closet), make living here a series of poignant time bombs for me until I get it all addressed, and it's really hard to address it. I don't want to throw away the stuffed animals in the attic or the toy cars.

It also takes me SO LONG to do anything domestic. I realized we had a lot of duplicate spices and flavorings here, since when we haven't been here full time I haven't been keeping track and would buy another bottle when at the store. So we pulled all of them out of the cupboard. There were fifty containers or more, and a lot of plastic bags from buying in bulk. Duplicates included cumin (5, including one unopened), basil (a quart baggie full, from various jars), vanilla (four bottles!), salt (three containers), peppercorns, pepper ground, pepper red flakes, and mixed pepper, and lots more. I washed all the jars that were in the spice rack designed to put bulk spices in, and just put the spices in baggies in their places while the jars dried (they were all sticky and dusty but the spices were fine). So today we have a counter full of fifty spice jars waiting for their spices to be put back in them. Did I mention that the dishwasher is broken, so I washed them all by hand, and some might still be sticky? It's so far a 2-day project and this was just the spices, meaning I cleaned up the spice rack and one cupboard shelf. ALL of the cupboard shelves here need that kind of attention. Enough to drive me cray cray.
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I am not secluded.  Working 11.5 hrs a day.  More than 1/2 of our staff is off during this time.  

I cant imagine what some of you are going thru especially with kids at home.
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What's it like working in the retail environment during this?  Are people nicer?  Ruder? Are you busier than normal or less so?  Is it exciting or driving you nuts?
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