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Husband must Work Abroad during the Holidays

Does your Husband have to work outside the Country for the Holidays?
   Mine is gone & will be gone for New Years too. And my Birthday in mid January.
In years past, when he was abroad, I planned holiday party's & invited some of the locals here in Costa Rica. This year,I gave out Christmas bonus's & gave the workers time off.  I'm struggling & want to be alone,except sometimes I wish my husband could be here to celebrate with me.
   Is it just traditional not to be alone?  What should I do to infuse some Holiday Cheer? The cat & dog don't want to dress up,( just kidding).
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Hi there.  Well, what is going on that you want to be alone?  Are you tired from something?  Could you have a little depression?  I don't think it is bad to spend time alone as long as YOU are okay with it but if it is very out of character for you, then I worry a bit.  

I'm good at planning something special for myself and can entertain myself quite well.  But I would hate for you to feel lonely or to be bothered about being alone.  

so, how are things in general with you?  doing alright?  Is this wanting to be alone an extension of something else?

Maybe your husband could surprise you and come back for one of the special days?  
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