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I can't keep a relationship

Something has changed inside of me or something.  I feel like I just can't find anybody to replace my last boyfriend.  It usually happens two ways:  I meet a guy who's interested in me, I give a chance, and then I find I'm not interested in him...so no go.  Second, I meet a guy, I'm interested in him, don't find any faults to really give him up, and after as shorth as a month or as long as a year, I get my heart broken, and he leaves me.  I try not to take it personal, but why can't I keep a long-term relationship?
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I think it is interesting that you said "i just cant find anyone to replace my last boyfriend" this makes me think that you may not be ready for a new relationship and thats why these guys are not working out. I think is good that you are givin guys a chance that you may not normally be interested in but those guys that "you dont find reasons to give up" prob end up feeling like they are the "replacement" and you are trying to pick up your new relationship where your last relationship left off

Now I personally know people who go from relationship to relationship or just continuosly dates whomever comes along just to have someone and they lose themselves in the process...I dont know if you tend to be one of those people but I think maybe you should consider just thinking about yourself and what you really want for a while...and im sure in the process you will stumble over the one that will last
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Welcome to the world of dating.  This is how it goes.  I remember that I got so tired of the dating game.  Not knowing who I was going to get to go out with for the next weekend, wondering if every guy was "the one", endlessly cutting off the ones that were no good, and, of course, getting let down by the ones I thought were special.  
Eventually, you meet someone so special, so breathtaking in everyway, he does not go unnoticed.  You will know him when the time comes.  Until then, my advice is to guard your heart, get out and around to be noticed and to meet and greet, and try to have fun while the dating game lasts.  Happy hunting
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