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I was almost aborted

My mother came from an affluent family and my father was a highschool fling.  I was conceived in a van under an Alabama lamp post at Hardee's (burger joint).

My mother considered abortion, and I really think she wish she had aborted me as she never really wanted to be a parent.  My father didn't either.  30 years later, my dad is ready to be a parent, and I am happy.  My mother has no clue about how to even begin being a parent.  I don't hate her; I have accepted her.

I am grateful to them both for having me.  Have I ever wished I was aborted?  NEVER.

I am artistic and have success in writing poetry.
I am almost done with my master's degree.
I am married with two children.
I wasn't sure I would ever be a good mother, but I loved being pregnant and I love being a mother.
I once had an affair, and I was afraid the baby was not my husband's. This is the experience that I was referring to when I wrote about having faced the choice myself.  I decided for better or worse.
My husband knows about the affair. Our marriage is even better now--sometimes we fail and learn that we are loved despite our failures.

So I'm not miss perfect.  

But I'm happy and grateful to be alive.

I'm happy I wasn't aborted.

And yes--my heart goes out to any and every woman who is worried about being pregnant.

And yes--it is a personal subject for me.

But I haven't been rude to anyone posting about abortion--

This is my experience, and I have shared it.

Thanks for reading.
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I think it took a lot of guts to post what you did, and I don't feel you were rude.  I can see where you would be very passionate about the subject of abortion.  I just don't see anything wrong with sharing your opinion when it is asked for.

I'm glad life has turned out so well for you, and I wish you the best...
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What a powerful story.  You are one strong lady and I applaud your forthright telling of it.  God bless you for sharing.  :-)
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Bless you for sharing your story too Jaybay!

Chigirl29 -

You were NOT rude in any of your comments.  You are one of those members who are straight forward, and I applaud you for being that way.

She got angry because we were in her baby's corner and not hers... she forgets that the little wee one growing inside of her can not yet be heard.


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Thank you for your very kind comments.  I wrote it quickly before my workout, and the whole time I was working out I was wondering if maybe I shared too much.  I wish you all the best.  Have a great night!!
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It does take alot of courage to post that and you werent being rude, you were standing up for what you believe in. Im glad you weren't aborted either, you seem to be a great, intelligent woman!

Take care.
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Thanks, Anxious Gurl:)
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