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My wife cheated on me in 2014 having an emtirely sperate romantic relationship from ours. after telling me what she did I cheated on her on 3 separate occasions, all one night stands between 2015 and 2016.

After finding out what I did, we had a huge fight. She told me more intimate details of her cheating, and I horribly overexagerated what I had done. I added more women into the story, and completely spun these webs of over grandiose lies. And I stuck to the story for years. After all, look at the damage I caused. And I always figured it was best to move on with what she thought happened because she would never believe me if I told her the truth of "how little I did" compared to what I told her when angry and scared. But I finally let her know recently.

Now she's asking me questions about the affair that I can answer and some about the minute details that I just don't recall. I tried to give her as much information as possible, but I'm finding it hard to recall the small things.

One question in specific she keeps asking insistently over and over, is if I kissed them at all. I remember that we never made out and I never gave them hickies on their bodies, and vice versa. But because I made mention of "I might have have walked in and gave a peck on the cheek before turning them around, but I'm not really sure after so long"

Am I just
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Seems she spends alot of time asking about your affairs.  Is she trying to make herself feel better about hers?  I agree with the marriage counseling.  Find out what drove you both into those situations.
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It's best at this point, despite the lies, to just tell her what you know and what you don't remember, no embroidering and no trying to answer if you don't know. The two of you might benefit from seeing a marriage counselor, too, if you want to stay together.
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