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Is it simple moodiness or something more?

My husband and I have lived together for over 5 years.  He has always been very moody.  Recently, he was very loving and super sweet with me...the next day, he took issue with something I told him, and about an hour later, he announced he is leaving me in a few days.  He has health issues, and takes pain medicine, but these dont seem to affect his moods much...I mean, he can be nice or mean, without regard to medication.  Right now, I am at my wits end...I was so happy 3 days ago, because he had written me a love letter, and was just so loving and demonstrative that whole day.  Then, he goes off the deep end because I told him something he did not like.  I may add that he has a huge problem if he even perceives I am taking someones side over his...even if I am not, or even if it is one of my kids...he is an expert at twisting EVERYTHING so nothing ever appears his fault...then at other times, he is just the opposite.  HELP! Thanks,  Ouiday
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It's sounds as if you husband is emotionally sensitive. Medication might have something to do with it or maybe it's just his personality. You know him best. Communication is key to a relationship, so with that said, I suggest that at the right time, you sit down with him privately and inform him that you want to "discuss" what is bothering him (not argue, but discuss), also, tell him you want to discuss how he makes you feel when he twist things around. Suggest a marriage counselor or priest who are trained to assist couples in crisis, but don't permit him to fully control the marriage, because you will be miserable...speak up!!! Good luck. Judy
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I agree with Judy in that medication plays a role here, not to mention he could be suffering from depression as well. People with health issues, especially the chronic ones, will have mood issues. Tell him to get to the dr and get to the bottom of it, and do not allow the moods to control YOU! That is the dangerous part of a mood disorder if the person who has it does not get help, it can absolutely turn your lives upside down. Do not allow it to and make him understand it should be treated as a medical condition and not an emotional one.
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