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Is she pregnant??

This girl names M came to my school last year and she was the new girl so i was really nice to her

The next 2 days or so she told me and my friends that she had sex with her step brother (btw she was 14)
I didn't believe her but i just cant jump to conclusions but i had this weird feeling in my stomach.

A couple of weeks later  she said she was pregnant and she told everyone ( and she went out with most of the 7th grade boys)
One week later i was day dreamimg that she will have a miscarriage, i know that it sounds mean but i just keeping think that

A month later she did have a miscarriage, I was creeped out but this isn't about me.

She was dating this boy C she thought he was 16 but she was talking about CD -_-
She  didnt want to go out with him anymore once she realized that he was 20 (FAKE AF)

Later on she was dating SM and i was SO tired of this but didnt want to star any problems
she said she was pregnant on january and had the baby on august

I know this seems stupid and really obivious that she is lying but i want to know why she is and why do woman lie about being pregnant since this is a serious matter

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Andddds i put this on the relationships community
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This is a very loaded question and an exact answer can't really be given.

Why did this girl lie?  Who knows.  Why would a woman/girl lie and say she's pregnant?  Who knows.

Why do people lie?  People lie for various reasons.  This girl is the only one who knows EXACTLY why she lied............. we don't.  

I wouldn't put too much time into worrying about her.  Put your energy into something that really matters.
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Does it really matter? I highly doubt her behavior has any effect on your life so why do you even care if she's lying? Just do your own thing and ignore her. This kind of high school drama is so lame.
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I can see why she's lying about her condition.You can't blame her if she want to lie her situation to anyone.It's not easy,being pregnant without having the man who has slept with you.I think she's kinda depress.Anyway,what's your relationship with her??But she must not have sex with anyone else without using some protection.It's not easy to have a baby and having a baby is a big responsibilities for her whole life.Just focus on your studies.Don't mind her,she doesn't even care about her life so why will care about it??Does she care for you also??
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Pity a poor girl that has gone out with all the grade 7 boys and lying or being pregnant. This girl deserves your pity, and your prayers. Something must have gone wrong for her in her life to be involved in such a dramatic life., right? You can afford to feel sorry for these types of people. and not put them down any further then they do themselves.

Maybe even try to be nice to her? Be kind to those less fortunate, for God is watching.
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