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Kissing two guys...friends with benefits with one and the other was just a fling....

Ok, so I am single, but I am friends with benefits with a guy (kissing, sexual contact etc). So yesterday, I was really upset and angry over my ex showing off the girl he cheated on me with, and my other friend (not the friend with benefits) was being really nice to me and we started making out... I told him that I ain't lookin for a relationship but just fun...but I now regret kissing him because I only did it because I was upset and angry... I need to tell him it was just that, but I dont know how to say it to him without ruining our friendship... Please help
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Well if u told him what it was from start, I don't see why you need to say anything else about.

If he says something or is pushing for a relationship, just remind him of what u said.

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When your ex who showed up to show you who that woman was he left you for..it only shows me he still have feelings for you.And he wanted you to be so upset that you would talk to him again.........men can be so selfish.. we must be the one's who can  say if he cheated on me he is going to cheat on her...end of story...Never use someone to be back at someone else It can lead to missed signals...You need to tell that guy your sorry that you acting out of the moment ...And remember why we are together and if he cannot accept that it time to move on with your fun to someone else....To me its so scary to have fun with sex with other men..Because you never know who they have been with the other day..or an hour ago...AIDS HIV HEPATITIS  A B C D.....DEATH...I hope I did not offend you just a little concern your young enjoy your life and be very careful..
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Sweetie, you ruined the 'friendship' when you made out with him.  The friends with benefits thing doesn't usually work.  One typically had a crush on the other the whole time and the other person deep down knew it and when they need someone to boost them up, they use the friend with the attraction to them.  Sound familiar?  

If you are making yourself feel better by making out with guys you really don't like---  you are selling yourself short and making a fool out of them.  

I'm not trying to be harsh, but go have a long vent with a girlfriend instead of making out with some guy that then may feel bad that you were just pacifying yourself with them

If you weren't worried about that and didn't feel like this would hurt his feelings, you'd just move on and not think about 'having to tell him'.  

but we all screw up.  I just hope you work on how you cope and find better ways than what you have in the past.

sorry your ex hurt you but making out with a guy doesn't really solve anything.  good luck
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