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Long distance

I met this guy on the internet we became good friends n started having feelings. Its been 2yrs we keep our connection. We went 2 yrs without seein each other then finally we met. He came on vacation to see me.  When my parents found out they stopped me from seeing him. But I took every oppertunity to see him. We love each other very much spending time wit each other brought us closer.He is a wonderful man who cares for me I want to b wit him.Its amazing how we met love brought us together. I love him n would like to spend the rest of my life wit him. The problem is my family is against it. They say they will never accept him. If I be with him I will have no family. They say he will hurt me n I was wrong. My parents told me to leave the house if I see him again. But I have no where to go. I been hiding to c him. He is back to his country now. I have to hide my parents dont know we still talk.
plz help I love him. I'm 20 yrs found love and this is happening
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Have your parents said why they do not approve of him? talk to your parents about why they don't like him and see what they say.
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Okay.  I will tell you that I'm concerned that you've met him in person once and are saying that you are in love with him.  One week does not love make.  Slow down and take this for what it is.  You are interested in loving him but do not love him yet.  You are 20 and are not moving to be with him (you should not do this!!).  You barely know him even though it feels like you do because of internet correspondance.  You can get to know someone this way but it is not the same as spending time together.  Please remember that.  Perhaps he can move to where you are-------- but don't think about going to him.  

Regarding your parents, I think you can talk to them.  What is their objection?  Why are they concerned? Are they afraid you are going to move to be with someone you do not  know very well?
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As much as you don't want to hear this, if your parents have a big objection to him the chances are they're right.

If I'd listened to my parents when I was your age I'd have wasted a lot less time on losers and abusive bastards.

And Specialmom's right - you don't know him at all. I'd be interested to know where you are both from to see what his motives are.

Best of luck anyway.
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I agree with the above posters. I would listen to your parents. They have your best interest at heart whether you want to hear it or not.
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I'm afraid I agree with the above posters and would probably have the same objections with my daughters (21 and 24)..and in fact have.  The 24 year old met a guy who was "wonderful to her" and treated her like a queen, until he started his daily 18pack of beer and started pushing her around and being verbally abusive and finally physically abusive..

one thing I didn't read....how old is this guy, and how far away does he live?  A long distance "romance" is NOT  very easy thing to have..you don't know what he's doing or what's going on in that loooooooooong distance between you...I was involved in a long distance relationship with a woman who come to find out was living with another guy and would lie to him to come stay with me...

There's a LOT of questions that need to be asked/answered here...and I think your parents are on the right track.  I see danger signs.

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