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Money and relationship

I'm in a relationship with a good man. However, he works hard, but doesn't make much money. He is working on getting his own business. I loves the way he treats me, like a queen, but I feel frustrated with him not making pretty good money. I have a career and make a pretty good salary. Part of me wants to leave him cuz I feel if we take our relationship further, the money thing will definitely be an issue. Any advice?
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I think if he is really working hard you should give him his chance.
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I'm a big fan of ambition.  But I am also a realistic person.  I would not want to be the bread winner and I'm sure pulling his own weight is something you value too.  When you say he wants to start his own business . . . what does this mean?  Do you see that happening any time soon?

Finances is one of the biggest things that breaks up marriages.  So, it's smart to take this seriously.  
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Well, if he trying to start his own business then he is ambitious.  Plus, he treats you good.  

How long have you two been together?  

Why not wait and see if his business plans take off?  You may be making more than he is now, but that doesn't mean he won't be making just as much or more if his business takes off.  Never know what the future may bring.

Don't take the relationship to the next level until this is resolved.  Nothing saying you have to move to the next level at this time.  Give yourself a timeframe you are comfortable with, say 1 year-18 months and see if the financial situation is any better.  If you don't want to invest anytime waiting for the financial situation to change and it is really bothering you then you should probably end things and find someone more financially compatible for you.

You will have to weigh out the pros and cons and how invested you are or want to be in this relationship......determine if this is a dealbreaker for you.
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