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My boyfriend is addicted to internet pornography.

I have been using my boyfriend's laptop recently because mine stopped working. I went on one day and saw some strange video that had been downloaded recently. I did a bit of snooping (which I know is wrong) and found a whole hidden folder of porn. I was a little bothered, but I thought, "well all guys look at porn, that's totally natural." Well I browsed through the computer history and saw a link to a website that is notorious for having cam videos of underage girls doing things I don't care to speak of (and not 18+ girls looking like they are underage.) I clicked on it and saw that he had his own account on the site and had tons of favorites. I was severely disturbed and I confronted him about it the next day, I said that if he continues looking at that type of material I'd leave him. He admitted that he has a porn addiction and was really ashamed. He promised he would stop all together. My issue is that I don't think I can believe him, the first time I found his porn collection I confronted him about it and he said he didn't look at it that often, which turned out to be untrue. I feel like now he's just going to try harder to hide it, I'm not sure what to do and I need some sort of input. Thank you.
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Sure, you know what to do.  You leave him or you stay.  He sounds like he is addicted to porn.  If you stay, you will have to deal with these issues in the future.  If you leave, than you will not.  The question should be: Can you deal with these issues in the future? Answer this question and you have your answer.
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First of all, why do girls feel the need to snoop through their guy's stuff?  Then, they get pissed at what they find.  Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I don't think there's going to be a whole bunch of girls on webcams doing "unspeakable stuff" unless its a private webcam. In that event, not knowing yours or his age, what some of these girls do, inappropriate as it may be, is their business.  Now, if the porn bothers you, then its not going to get better.  However, does it bother you to the point where you can't tolerate it?  In other words, I've been in relationships with women where I secretly find out that they don't mind porn and we've incorporated it into the relationship.  Find out the root.  Is it because he likes something he sees and isn't getting it in the real relationship (usually the cause)?  If you still have a problem in a month's time, its never going to go away.  Be honest with him and say, "I thought I could deal with it but I can't" and cut your losses.  Keep us posted.  I'll add this on my watch list.
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