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My ex is haunting me

Hi guys
my ex so obsessed with me, she stalk me like hell
last week she text me that she was pregnant, 3 month. She said its mine.
I cant believed it try to argue but she never accepted my opinion.
I had relationship with her from may 2016, have protected sex regularly with condom and had no problem.
For the info i meet her for the last time is in 2016 december 1st and its my last sex with her and it's protected sex with condom. December 15, 2016 i got new job in other city i must have long distance relationship with her, but as my responsible i ask her to take pregnancy test, and its negative..
On february because i cant stand the long distance relationship i ask for breaking up. She was ok..
march till may she cant move on and keep stalk my social media and texting me, i try to be nice but she going crazy try to stalk my family too.. finally i ignoring her, june till november she was still stalking me but never texting again (i know this because she still comment and like in my social media).
But why in last week she text me again and she said she was pregnant with my baby.  She said she never date anyone just me. OMG she text me 100 time a day, said it was mine..
How can that possible?? How i can deal with this?
please help me...
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Her impossible claim of 3 month pregnancy at this point is disturbing so she is either some kind of liar or doesn't know much about the reality that you have been away for a year.  It is possible that she is mentally ill, but only a professional could diagnose if that is the problem, and what it is.
If you just want to cut ties then block her on your phone and social media.
If you want to help her, perhaps you can tell one of her friends or family to see if they can get her to go to a professional. If a person doesn't want to go, there is nothing anyone else can do to make them though.
I think she got pregnant by someone, but want me to be responsible. Maybe because im too kind and too friendly to her. I already block all her phone and social media. but she keep make a new one, thats make me so depressed. i think she needs help. Thanks respond to me, its mean a lot.
Perhaps you could offer to do a DNA to prove it was not your child.
Have you talked to the police or her family about her? Likely it would be better after a DNA so they understand she is lying.

You are kind to her - I resume this means in the past since you are blocking her now.
I will offer DNA test if she going to take more offensive action, i already said thats impossible that it was mine. I already said to her that if you want DNA test it's ok but if not mine i will take it to the police and take this matter into the court for false allegations to me. And she answer me wait to the baby born and you can take DNA test. OMG man this is drive me crazy, how can sperm last 8-9 month then become a child... I replied to her It's Impossible it was mine then  I blocked her contact after that.
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So you are saying you have had NO sex with her since December 2016, correct?  Verify that as it is important.  We have to be careful not to give mixed messages.  I, long time ago, had an ex boyfriend stalk me.  I was a single female living alone and it scared me.  My  last conversation with him went like this:  I want you to acknowledge what I am saying.  I do not want you to contact me at all ever again in any way.  Do you understand?  (firm voice used)  No matter what they say, you say only that.  And then you end it, I've said clearly to you that you are not to contact me ever again and am now notifying you that this is recorded and should you contact me again, I'm going to the police to begin proceedings for stalking.  

I never got another call, text, email or visit.  

But I meant it.  I needed it to end. You'll need to say also that you are including your family.  Talk to your family and tell them to not respond in any way.  Give her no moments to talk, hang up, delete, be done with it.  

Yes, correct i have NO SEX with her from december 2016 till today. thx for the response.
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Apparently, you can get a restraining order for this contact if my research is correct. You can't be "nice" to a stalker. You have to consistently be cold and to the point. Try talking to the police and see if they can put into effect a restraining order for yourself and your family. I read that this could be considered Domestic Violence and you can get a restraining order (in the states) that will effectively stop all communication with you and your family, or she will be charged. It may be the only thing that stops her and allows you to move on. Let us know what you do, or what the police say. Sorry about your predicament.
You mentioned that you are "nice" to her and that may be a problem, if you are sending mixed messages. Let the police sort it out and at least give you advice, would be my advice for you. Make sure you let er know in no uncertain terms that you wish her to cease and desist any attention, you are NOT interested now and never will be in the future having any kind of relationship or friendship with her.
i've said that to her too, but maybe she had mental illness. Last time i spoke to her i said that it's already end, so u got fresh start and me too. After that i block all her phone and make my social media private. And i never take a call from unknown number. If it cant help i will change my number.
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