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My girl left me for her ex of 4 years

My girlfriend
left me for her ex boyfriend of 4 years. We lived together for 2 months and our familiesBirth control and family planning
Choosing a primary care provider
Ewing’s sarcoma
Family troubles - resources met. She did alot of things and said a lot of things that made me feel she really loved me. We are both 28 and we spoke about marriage, we were serious. She would say things to me like" I never want to touch another man ever again" "You are everything I ever wanted and dreamed of". I dated many girls but this girl I really love, there is no one like her.What should I do? I can not eat Im so hurt....She always told me she was happy with me and he could never treat me the way I treated her. She used to say she finally met the one and I was her best friend when we were together. Will she come back to me and what should I do if she does without disrespecting myself. I love her. We shared alot of things. It doesnt make sense why she went back. Will she come back and what should I do if so?
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You were good for her and too her; and yet she left you for her crummy ex.

So, does it make sense? No. But, a lot of things about Life and Love never make sense. The only explanation that I can offer is that she never really got over him... all the time that she was with you.

Will she want to come back? Maybe.
But, the bigger question is: would you be willing to take her back?.... and, could you ever trust her again?
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