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Really need advice please

I have been on before about this, i was seeing this guy for a good few weeks we get on great, it was just a meeting thing because he did not want anything serious because he is not long out of a long relationship after 13 years, but we did meet for about 8 weeks and it was getting no where, i came on here for advice and was told that i was wasting my time to get rid of him which the advice was good and right advice, every time i text this guy he will always text me back for chat, but then on New years eve we ended up together again and we had a great night, i really do like this guy alot and i would love to start something with him but i don't know what to do, i do feel that he likes me especially he gives so much eye contact when i do see him out and where not together, we work not far from each other and i do see him drive past my work and there would be no reason for him to do that...when we are together he does not rush things like we most times spend half the day together then i go home or he goes home, i did mention to him that i won't be going to the local night club anymore that we use to always see each other and he did ask why not? i just said i was fed up of it and i needed a change but in his voice he was very concerned....anyway after that last night we met New years eve i did text him after and he never replyed back which was very strange.  Every time i let go we end up meeting again, what will do, i hope you can understand what im trying to say.....
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Why are you not going to the club anymore??

If I were you I would lay my cards on the table and just ask him>

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Avoid him at all costs and see what happens.  If it's meant to be he'll be calling.  If he doesn't call or try to find you then it may have been a booty call.  

My advice is to see if he chases you.  If he doesn't then go on with your life.

I know you may feel for him but he doesn't sound like all that and a bag of chips to me.

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It seems he's playing the feild..  He seems intersted in you but not ready to comitt to ANYTHING..   are you sure you want to wait around for that?

I would keep yourself busy with your independance GUYS LOVE THAT..  they dont like girls that they already have..  keep him chasing...  act like you've lost some intersted.. and that your doing your own thing..  
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Thank you all very much for your advice, yes i can see that he is playing hard to get something unreal, i anit going to that club any more because i can't move on with any other guy when his there because his always watching, i did tell him the different club i will be going to from now on so i guess i will just have to wait and see will he follow i doubt it though, because his after getting so hurt in his last relationship i can understand that after 13 years... and when i do go to that club we always meet in,  i feel his friends are playing games too, like coming up to me saying Tony's here tonight and i just pretend i can't see him but in the end the conversation always starts between us some how, i think on new years eve if i was not so drunk i could a have played the game with him better but drink took over and i was his.  The only thing i can do now is wait i guess. thanks....
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It's true drinking impairs judgement--
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