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My bf takes my 9 year old daughters pants and underwear and wears them I think he smells them too I have found a dirty pair of her underwear at his home he says they must have fallen into his bag before he left my house but I know 100% that that pair was in the bathroom laundry basket he fished threw and took them is this transgressions? Or should I worry about my daughter ?
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That's Your job in the first place !!


This IS disturbing behavior !!

This would be objectionable to me under ANY circumstance but I would still wonder why He is doing this with a CHILD's underwear.  I realize there is certainly odd behavior out there but why isn't His weirdness on an adult level?? -  as in, why isn't he stealing and sniffing YOUR underware instead of that of a LITTLE GIRL ???

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I wouldn't be attracted to a man that wanted to wear little girl underwear.  Just saying.  What are you thinking?  Let alone that you have a child that he's interested in their underwear.  We DATE for a reason and that is to judge if someone is what we want long term.  We are not supposed to just stay with someone because we once dated them---  we are to scrutinize them and judge if they are a keeper or not.  Doesn't sound like he is a keeper. good luck
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WORRY ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER, NEVER LET HIM AROUND HER AGAIN. This guy is not safe to be around any child. I'm glad to hear he has a "home" that he goes to. Now you just got to figure a way to leave him there. Good riddance. Bon Voyage.
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