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Relationship Anxiety, help please!

Hello, im a 28 male, i recently met this wonderful girl and we started dating 2 months ago. 2 weeks ago we talked about being boyfriend-girlfriend and i couldnt be happier. a week ago she posted a picture of us on fb and i dont know why when i saw that i started having very bad anxiety. its eating me inside, i cant sleep and cant eat and my brain is racing all the time. thinking about everything, what if it didnt workout, what if she is not the one, what if too soon, what will happen if we broke up. i cant stop thinking. im supposed to be worry free at this point of relationship and enjoy our time together but im freaking out and having terrible anxiety instead. my thoughts are irrational and i cant stop them. i need help please. i dont wanna screw this up as i really like her. Thanks
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It does sound kind of irrational, if the two of you go on and later decide it doesn't work, so what?  But obviously this possibility is bugging you a lot.  See a counselor or therapist and talk over your fears.  
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I know it's irrational but why is my brain doing this. Even if it didn't work I know I'll find someone else. But this happens to me everytime I get really involved with someone I do like
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Everyone has anxiety from time to time.  The important thing is keeping it in perspective and coping with it. Do you have anxiety in other areas of your life?  
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I do have anxiety from time to time but it was not that bad. I really can't explain why this is happening to me. I'm telling myself worst case scenario it didn't work it's still okay. But brain doesn't listen.
Do you think its not sort of obsession? No offence. You should set your mild that the only permanent thing in this world is change. You can asked for professional help if your anxiety bother you even more
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If it were me, i would absolutely find my way to a therapist. I know that an exercise program that you like, i.e the gym, pool, sauna, etc. might help you to keep it together and give you an outlet for your energy. The energy you put into worry can be harnessed into an activity that will reap you rewards. If you feel at peace in a Church, make sure you go to give you a sense of equality with others. I can't wait to hear that you have turned the corner on your anxiety. If you do all the things that are suggested for dealing with anxiety, and that doesn't work, then your therapist can talk to you about perhaps taking medication that might help you. I wish you peace on this journey and please let us know how you're doing.  
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