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Ok for the women who might read this. If you shave your pubic area how often do you shave and how do you not get razor burn? My wife has in the past and always gets razor burn and wants to try again so I am trying to find a good way for her to shave and not have any razor burn. At the present time she only trims.
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Well, I shave every couple to 3 days...I don't like stuble.  Usually with a good shaving cream and not getting in a hurry, the razor burn is limited to none at all.  I also take lotion and apply afterwards...ON THE OUTSIDE ONLY to make it more silky smooth.
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I use conditioner to shave.  It seems to soften the hairs.  Plus, I don't shave every day but I don't let the hair get too long either.  It seems when you shave every day it causes razor burn and when you wait for a long time, your skin is more sensitive.  So I shave every 3 days as well.  
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every three to four days with me as well. That is usually when it gets irratating and itchy from hair growing back.

Tell her to use shaving cream and a good razor. None of them cheap ones. Also use lotion afterwards.
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Thanks for the advise all. I think when she does it again I will try to do it for her.
It looks like all the advise is basically the same. So it must be the right advice.
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I use conditioner too.  I also shave downward instead of upwards.  I used to shave compleely bald, and still do every now and then, but I prefer to leave some hair so that I do not get razor burn.  I have extemely sensitive skin.  When I do shave bald it's usually during the summer when I use the tanning bed - the tanning bed dries up the burn quickly.  :)
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This obviously isn't the overnight soultion but I had laser hair removal done.  It costs a few hundred dollars but it is soooooooo worth it.  I'll never have to shave again.  No razor burn.  No dealing with accidental cuts.  It's all gone except a few sporadic hairs (that you can just pull out when they come in.)  And DF loves it :)  No prickly hairs anywhere.
How bad did the laser hair removal hurt?
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