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Spiritual readings

I used to believe this. If a shaman told you you cannot date in like between may-november or you will not be compatible with a certain race DUE TO THE DATE YOU WERE BORN, what would you people think? Mind you this shaman said I would be in trouble if I let my friend borrow ANY money (I did and nothing happened), a cousin of mine would die in this year (he's still alive) and that my other cousin had his card stolen (found it in his wallet).
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Shamans, much like any clairvoyant read energy. A true clairvoyant wI'll rarely, if ever, ask vague or open ended questions.
(Ex: "I'm getting the letter B! Do you know someone whose name starts with B?")
Seriously, what are the odds that not one person in your life has a name that starts with B!?
The fakes use sneaky tricks to make the odds lean in their favor. Like asking you about a loved one who passed or the color red. What are the odds that the first memories or thoughts that come to mind didn't have a deep impact on your life? If they we're unimportant you wouldn't have them in the front of your mind.
Is it possible this shaman was correct after all? Absolutely! It could be a different cousin with the same first name or your friend may not have lost his card yet!
However, Is it more likely he was just off his game that day or he has found a way to get a quick buck from scamming curious, sometimes gullible clientele who are eager to believe?
Just saying, there are more fakes then real clairvoyants out there. It's an easy scam. Sorry!
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Hi there.  Well, this is your religion.  We all have our own belief system.  Horoscopes, mediums, etc.  If you believe, you believe.   I had a tarot card reader at a fair make me cry because they said I'd never have children.  I was experiencing difficulty at the time.  Who knows, maybe she just picked up on my energy rather than the future as I'm a mom with two kids.  So, maybe the shaman isn't totally off base but rather the outcome they predicted isn't one you are aware of.  

Personally, I take things like that with a grain of salt.  good luck
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I believe that real psychics are few and far between among those that advertise and make money. This one is one of those. This psychic makes good money from the proven ability of the real thing. If makes up fake business cards, and call yourself a lawyer, there will only be a percentage that think to demand to see your credentials, or are savvy enough to understand that credentials can also be faked, and then demand  what is called a chain of custody, which is definitive proof that something is real. Scamming is a percentages game. Are you thinking of going to a psychic? The last one I went to (when i was pregnant and felt i was going to have a girl) immediately told me to start picking out boy's names, and he was right. I haven't heard of too many psychics that talk about impending loss of life though. It's odd that a fake would set themselves up for an obvious thing, like a certain person would die within a few years. Seems they're not very good at being fake either.
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Clearly this guy who told you all this stuff was totally faking it all since nothing he said came true.

Don't waste your money. He's a con artist running a scam on you for your money. Don't fall for it.
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Hi, no person can advise this type of information. Makes no sense.
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Correction: he said that cousin would die a few years back and he's still alive.
Oh and do you think psychics always say their readings always come true when they are asked about accuracy? Just want input.

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