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Still acting like couple 4 months after breakup

Me and my ex brke up 4 or 5 months ago. Since then we have still acted like a couple when we hang out together. He lives in a different city but when we do hang out we we act like a couple than when we were together.
It is really confusing to me because I still feel something for him, and he says he doesn't for me but when we are together it seems like it.
We even spent the night of our would be 7 month anniversary cuddling together.The next day I felt a wave of realisation that from there on out I would have my heart broken even more.
The reason we brke up initialy was because he never tried in our relationship, and all this came back after that.
6 days ago we had a little arguement as i mentioned to him how confusing it was that we spent our would be 7 month aniversary tgether. then later on in the convo he said we talked too much.
After that I stopped talking to him and this is the longest time ive gone without talking to him since we met. I thought doing this would make him miss me and realise how much effort id made but i havent heard from him and it really hurts. Even our friendship must mean nothing t him. I started Uni a few days ago, a new beginning which he knew about, but he didnt even bother or care enugh t check up and see how it went as i did fr him.
Its so hard to notice that he doesnt care when i care so much.
what do i do nw? do i confront him and ask him whats going on? or d i just keep n contact? im so confused and messed up because ive felt so led on even though i knew what i was doing, i assumed there must be something mutual to it because he cared about me and wanted to spend time the way we did.
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*wrong topic, forgot to change it, this is meant to be listed under love
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sounds like it was just convenient for him to hang out with you even after the break up of course you have to take some blame for that too i don't keep track of would have been anniversaries of ours after a break up i don't let them treat me like a girlfriend when i'm not and if we decide to be friends it only after enough time has past that there is no romantic feelings left so there is no cuddling if your friends you do friend things not couple things you knew the relationship wasn't right you confronted him you broke up he has no respect for your feelings to continue to treat you like you are still together after the break up as for the after break up break up once again when you confront him you can see he doesn't care you can tell that from what he says and the fact he hasn't bother to call when its something important to you i'm sure he'll call again when he needs a convenient pretend girlfriend or something like that unless you don't let him why confront him? you already talked about it he said you two talked to much remember? you won't get any response from him that would make it worth speaking to him again stick to your guns he's not worth it you have to let him go and you have to realize that you both are equally to blame for what happened after the break up yeah he might have started but you should have but a stop to it you can't make assumptions about a man's feeling based on how he acts towards you he wanted to spend time with you because you made it easy for him to as soon as it wasn't easy he didn't want to make a effort that's all you need to know to see how important you are to him start your new beginning baggage free good luck
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Sometimes you just have to let it go. It's hard, especially when you love him .. But you can't keep putting yourself through this torment .. Be strong .. You deserve better. You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you.
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I'd suggest as the others did.  Let it go and move on.  Of course it will be a little tough, but the fact of the matter is this.  You've become a matter of convenience to this guy.  You've mentioned that he has said that he has no feelings for you and that he just doesn't care.  Why waste time on someone who does not have your best interest in mind?  That is who you need to be looking for in life, rather than hold on to something/someone who is basically there as a convenience.....
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I can relate, ur lucky its just months, mine went on for like 4yrs...in that mess of confusion, this is wat happens, wen he is seeing someone ur his friend and wen he is lonely ur his galfriend, n its not his fault, u avail urself too much. its a gd thing his not communicating and trust me its great ur startin at uni...new beginings new guys. Leave him behind, i knw it hurts but it hurts worse to be in love alone. Stay strong and move on, u see if he realises how much u mean to him he wil change and be the man u ve always wanted him to be, but trust me givin ur heart to him easy isnt doin any of u any gd, u will be confused and he wil keep hurting you. move on my love, great guys are out there...and ur still young, dnt let him waste ur gd yrs, i let my ex do that n wat i regret most is i was so silly to think that one day his gon love me e way i loved him n we wld b together...4yrs down e road....just very gd yrs wasted...dnt make e same mistake
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Thanks for all your advice :) much appreciated, it's quite tough because sometimes i feel nothing for him and other times i do. He seems to notice when I don;t talk to him so he tries harder when we do. Guess in time it'll get lesser as i get busier with studying and have already made some good friends to keep me destracted from missing him as much :)
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