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Toxic people/relationships

I find it common knowledge as we all know what a toxic person and or relationship is. But VERY FEW OF US CAN IDENTIFY with these things being TOXIC POISON to ourselves.

I think it would benefit us all to explain what it is to ourselves, and in doing so we'd find so many answers to our own identity and who we are buried deep inside our soul. So here's to self help and reclaiming what was once stolen from us!

1) A toxic person is one that is never happy and can always TELL ME WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED and repaired in myself before owning their own flaws and working on themselves rather than change who or what I am.
2) A toxic relationship is one in which brings me to a newer low than before & leaves me feeling as if I will never be good enough for person picking up my slack!
3) a toxic person is ALWAYS telling me how much i OWE them-rather than how much enjoyment they got from being able to helpful to me
4) a toxic person always makes me feel small and UNIMPORTANT even if I have GIVEN myself again unconditionally.

Here's a few of my many answers and Already i can tell you, I found all these qualities in every abusive relationship I have ever had, and there was MANY before I decided to put me 1st.

lets keep this going and keep adding to this list, It will help everyone see the most obvious things. There for helping us identify with the signs and blindness that has led to ALL OUR SITUATIONS.

with much love, Anna .
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