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Underwear question for women

I have noticed over the years that sometimes when you buy underwear, one of the crotch seams will be missing, forming a little pocket under your vagina. I say it's just because the factory misses the seam, but my friend says that the pocket is specially made so you can put a little vibrator in there. Does anyone know what it's for?

*Not the right topic but there wasnt an other option...
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I've bought a heck of a lot of underwear in my years,  but I've never seen a little "pocket".  

I've bought all different brands,  too - hanes,  fruit of the loom,  victoria's secret,  etc.  

I never know what's going to appear on this board.
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I know what you're talking about. I think it's for extra reinforcement (which is nice, because the removal of pads can really wear the seams). That lack of a closing seam is probably just laziness on the part of the manufacturer, and the option of inserting a vibrator in there is an unintentional perk. You should call them up and find out :)
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i know what you're talking about also, and don't think that's what its intended for. but go ahead and use it for that if you want - very creative!
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I have never heard of this but I have a friend, who since reading your post claims she took one of these durex ring vibrators from walmart and put it in her underwear.  Personally I think she was just messing with me but if it woks...

LOL I have know idea what to say...  For once I find myself without words.
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Not sure what the reason is but I would guess it is not for a vibrator.
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Haha, it`s just sloppy manufacturing. They need to create an overlap of material there and save some time and money on creating a second seam. Either way, I am sure while you were writing this, someone already started marketing the idea with the vibrator...
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I had a crappy night.. And this made me laugh.. Your cute.. And Almost all my underwear are like that. It kinda bugs me actually. I get all OCD about it and want to sew it myself...
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I hate to ask but...
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I HATE these "pockets" the flap of the one end goes in my vagina and gives me really bad uti s all the time. I am currently on a hunt for underwear that dont have this at all!
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This is a patch of cotton that is u see the vaginal area for two reasons: 1 so that there is an extra layer of fabric so that if you leak, bleed through your pad, or have discharge, it helps it from getting on your clothes and 2: cotton is a very natural fiber which is best for putting near your crotch and the part that has no seems is so that pocket area can breathe because if that area couldnt breathe there would be a buildup of bacteria and a possibility of a yeast or some other kind of infection down there, DO NOT PUT CHANGE THERE or anything because it isn't a pocket
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