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Update on secret bi husband!

wow- i was just talking with my husband on the phone (he is still out of town) and he stirred me up saying I wasn't speaking nice to him and asking me if I loved him so I blew up about this- he denies it saying someone must have gotten into his computer or email (no way- he lets no one on his computer) he was very angry and kept saying whatever to me and that he had to go back to work- first he said he would go to the gas station and call me back off the job site but he had an employee/friend call me and say it is ludicrous and sticking up for him. he went back to work-not somewhere to call me-i told him unless he is going to be honest then don't call me back. i can't believe he is actually trying to get me to believe he never did any of this and someone hacked into his computer
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i hate lying.  it doesn't make me feel any better to be lied to.  more than anything, i can't stand those type of people that require you to have complete documentation/video footage/emails/phone records before they admit the truth and even then some of them won't.  they are the worst.  

getting that lying man to confess the truth will probably be as successful as pulling wisdom teeth with your hands.  but, you already have your truth.  life is hard.  take this as one of those hard chapters that life is throwing your way.  if it's necessary that you go through some pain, some lack all to begin anew DO IT.  your life is all you have and you must take care of you to ensure your happiness.  turn to God, we love men but we do not need them
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I answered you in the other post.
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