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Valentine's Day

Just curious, how will you all be spending Valentine's Day? Do you even celebrate it, if so what are your plans? Doing anything special, out of the ordinary, how will you show your other half how much you love them. V-day to me used to be a big deal, but now I dont get why its even a holiday or w/e, just a way for hallmark to make more money, or just a day to show your significant other how much you love them(which should be shown everyday) not just VDay. Whatever you do I hope you have a LOVEly day :)

Happy V-day everyone!
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I'm not doing anything today. My husband is working, but even if he weren't, we don't usually do anything big on Valentine's Day. It used to be a bigger deal to me than it is now. I prefer smaller ways to celebrate this day like a simple flower and a nice evening together at home, but I won't get that until midnight, when it's over, LOL. It's okay. I got my little man right here and we might work on a card for daddy. A homemade, one, not Hallmark,  :)
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well dh gave me an open hearts necklace from kay jewlers (very very very nice) and we had dinner at red lobster (we both wanted some sea food and that's the closest place without having to go into southside), had a few drinks, came home and snuggled the babies. the dh got a new 52 in. led samsung touch of color tv (more for the both of us but i used him as an excuse to get it) and an x box 360. so we had a very nice v day.
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Babypooh, I agree with you...its not such a big deal for me anymore, I get him a card and some little sweet gifts, I feel better that way and dont expect much and thats fine by me. So cute, he must of loved the card, nothing like a homemade card :) I had the kids I babysit for make Mommy and Daddy V-Day Cards too, its great when their little, it comes from their heart and thats what makes it so special!

Heatherlynn....aww very romantic and sweet, glad to hear you had a very nice day!

We actually decided to celebrate the day before, and then I just gave him a card on valentines day with a poem I wrote, we enjoyed eachothers company and had a very nice night, we watched the movie "Bolt" It was cute!

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lol that sounds like a nice v day. snuggling and watching movies is my favorite thing to do after the boys go to sleep.
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well i worked all day lol but i came home and my boy friend bought me a 50 gallon tank for my snake : ) it was sweet
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