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What do I do to get through this?

My husband and I have been together for 7 years, which April would have made 5 years that we were together. We recently separated due to a lot of issues in our marriage. I found out he's been telling people that we have been separated since last year and to give a back story we started dating at 19 years old. I did cheat 2 months later with an ex, he forgave me supposedly then I he started cheating, becoming physically and verbally abusive for the remainder of our relationship. We got married at 20 years old and he was also controlling. I cheated this past June and I never hear the end of it anymore. He blames me entirely and says I never loved him. Found out he is dealing with another woman and I found myself begging him to fix this marriage. He states this woman he's with likes him more than I ever did and she's better. I'm pregnant with our third daughter and due in a few weeks. He's left me alone and says he doesn't care to be there because he thinks the baby isn't his. I don't know why I'm begging him to not leave his family when I know he's treated me entirely worse. He always says he gave me commitment from the beginning and I didn't feel the same. Its not true! Why wait 7 years later to claim this is what you realize. I'm so stressed and torn to pieces. I don't know how to deal with this! I'm so broken at this point! I feel like I'm dying inside. I know I don't need to love him anymore but its hard!I need help terribly!
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I would talk to a lawyer about child support and find a therapist or counselor.  You need way more help than a website can offer.  You will definitely feel better once your legal ducks are in a row, and the counselor will help with the sadness and dismay.
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Thank you so much!
I agree with AnnieBrooke and will go a step further - this is not only WAY beyond any 'help' or advice You could hope to find here

this is ALSo way beyond what You or He can do to repair at this point.  It's both of Your mis behaviors that brought You to this and You Both should have good, solid professional input (thereapy, counseling.  Short of that, I also agree You need to see an attorney regarding child support

Good Luck
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