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What do you like or love about your partner?

This is a feel good question. What do you like or love about your partner? What are the list of qualities that you like/love?  
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I guess I have to start. My husband makes me laugh.  He's silly.  He laughs readily at other people's jokes and is funny himself.  

My husband is pretty smart.  But not so smart that he thinks he knows it all.

My husband is pretty handsome (to me).  He's got great hair that both of my kids inherited (my hair is not so great).  

I'll say more later.
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Good question for me tonight as i have been irritated with him for a couple days.  Nothing he did, just one of those moods for me!!  lol

He is honest as the day is long

He is funny as he!! and we laugh so much together.  He has a very infectious laugh, comes right from the gut!

He loves music except rap and Polka so we listen to music alot here.

He is good looking

He wears kick arse boots that are so incredibly sexy!

He has a strong jawline, something that i find very attractive in a man.  

He has gorgeous eyes

He works hard and is not lazy

Very talented with carpentry and mechanics

He is smart, much smarter than i will ever be!

He loves animals and is very good with them

He smells good!

He has really nice arms (goes with the jaw thing!)

He is very respectful of me and treats me so good

He is very very respectful of our flag and our veterans.

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wow, impressive list!  But why doesn't he like polka?  ha ha.  My husband is the kind of guy that if we stop by some random church's summer festival, while I'm in the bathroom, I'll come out to see him dancing a polka with some blue hair he started chatting with.  lol (has really happened).  ha, but ya, polka?  Any type of music with an accordion in it is hard to listen to.  lol

I most like that he is respectful and good to you.  You deserve it!
We all deserve that.  Oh we had to listen to Polka as kids as our grandparents would listen to it as it was on a local channel.  I wanted to stab daggers in my butt as that would of hurt less than having to listen to  "in heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here"!!
Now that i think of it i think the Chimelski Fun Hour" was responsible for me being a raging drunk!!  lol
That name!
LOL!!  It was traumatic i tell ya!  The name was the least painful!!
How can you say that? Their webside reminds that "Florian Chmielewski is the product of a family that has been synonymous with polka music for six generations." And to refresh your memory, here's the "Mickey Mouse Polka!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In_2LkfXrNM
I love it when he says, "Hey, take it!" and waves to a guy riffing on his accordion with a deadpan face and '70s haircut. That's the best part!

(I do seriously like regional television, and the span of time between then and now makes it even more fun.)
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My husband is a solid guy, honest, self-secure, a hard worker, and would never treat me badly or cheat. His greatest asset as far as I'm concerned is that he can laugh even if he's the butt of the joke.
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I appreciate people that can laugh at themselves and don't always take themselves so seriously!  A dependable man is a good catch!
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