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I've been dating this guy for a year now and in the beginning it was fine, we were mutually attracted to each other sexually. We must of had sex about three times during the course of a year. He lies alot about his reason for not wanting to, always a different reason. But he does everything else with me and for me, he has practically moved in with me.one day i walked into the bathroom while he was in the shower, i gently pulled back the curtain to get a glimpse of his body glistening with steam and water from the shower, he grabbed his penis and curled and turned his body like a child. I just do not understand this kind of behavior, i have never been with a man that acts like this towards a woman and spends as much time with me as he does. We are both 45.
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Realize You are not going to 'change' the behavior of a 45 year old Man
what You need to do is decide if You can(want) to be in a relationship such as this.  

Anything short of acceptance for the way it is will make for great unhappiness for YourSelf as well as for Him

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Agree with Tink.  @45 years old there isn't going to be a lot of changing.

Perhaps you both aren't sexually compatible.

Try talking to him about your concerns and go from there.  
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Agree with Tinkerbell and Londres.  I don't think you sound compatible.  He's not 'wrong' for how he behaves.  I mean, I think it is fairly intrusive to have someone rip the shower curtain open and then staring at me even if it is my husband.  Sure, I guess it's sexy and flattering but I'm a bit modest and that would not be my style.  Am I wrong?  Is that bad behavior?  Not really.  I'm just not as open when naked innocently taking a shower as you are.  

so, I would just say that if you aren't having the sex you want and he seems different enough from you to make you really question things, don't waste any more time and move on to find someone you are more compatible with.  good luck dear
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Where do all of the good men hangout?
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Good Men often 'hang out' where the Good Women are hanging out.  We do best when We keep Our eyes wide open and Our own Morals and Standards high.
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Ditto Tink!  
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