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What to take . . .

Alright.  You have to hideaway for an unknown period of time.  You want to have some of your favorite things with you . . . what do you take:

1.  what one sentimental object
2.  what one drink besides water (which they'll have for you there . . . :>)
3.  what two foods (besides supplied bread and velveeta cheese . . . :>)
4.  which four people would you bring?
5.  what one outfit?
6.  what one grooming product?  

Okay, that's a weird question, but why not?  Share if you will!!
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Well, I guess I'll start (ha ha).

1. letter from my mom
2. Dr. Pepper (I gave the pepper up but this sounds like it could be difficult and I might need some caffeine courage
3. peanut butter and bananas
4. Easy, kid #1, kid #2 and kid #3 (husband) and my sister.  Oh, can I count dog #1 and only as my fourth?
5. my favorite grey sweat pants.  Might as well be comfy
6. Deodorant, cause I need it.
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1. picture of my son when he was a child.
2. orange juice
3. chicken and broccoli sprouts.
4. #1 son #2 spouse #3 step daughter #4 dog
5. leguano ballerina barefoot shoes or "tall" mukluks (depending on whether there is winter there); ankle or over the knee socks (d.o.w.t.w.t); shorts or jeans (d.o.w.t.w.t.); sleeveless shirt or favourite plaid flannel (d.o.w.t.w.t.);  large scarf or sheep skin parka (d.o.w.t.w.t.); sunglasses a must; head scarf or touque (d.o.w.t.w.t.). Work gloves or winter gloves (d.o.w.t.w.t.); You said outfit right? lol
6. Creme rinse ( i started to use cream rinse lately for my long hair and washing my body and it softens everything  - the natural botanicals smell divine and add softness rather than stripping natural oils - if anyone reading this hasn't tried it yet, give it a shot - it's nice not to have to buy shampoo after all these years. This week, i'm attempting to use sugar to exfoliate my scalp, wish me luck ).

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1. Picture of my mom and dad
3.Honey Nut Cheerios and raisins
4.Hubby, Dog 1 and 2 and myself?
5.Gray sweats, harley sweatshirt
6.A brush
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1.  Wedding ring
2.  Coffee
3.  Papaya and potato chips
4.   Do I have to bring 4 people or can I go alone?  Okay, I'll bring: Husband, best friend, 2 favorite sisters
5   Favorite pants and top, with sweatshirt
6   Curling iron
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This thread is cracking me up.  I love the foods people are choosing and grooming products.  Papaya>!!  I'm not even sure I've had that.  LOL
Papaya is a long fat fruit that grows on trees in the tropics.  When it's cut open it's full of tiny seeds, like a cantaloupe and when fully ripe, the flesh is sweet and melon-like, but isn't grainy like melons.  

It's very healthy and contains the enzyme, papain, that helps digest proteins...
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1. My bible
2. Coffee
3. Almonds & yogurt
4. My weenie dog, hubby, son, & daughter
5.  My comfy clothes sweats and tank top
6. Razor
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