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Which Family Member close to you do you trust the most?

Mine would be my Nan
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I didn't participate in the poll because I 100% trust my parents,  my siblings and their spouses,   mother and father-in-law,  and my husband's siblings.  

I totally realize this is VERY out of the ordinary to trust your complete extended family  -  but if you have the luck of having a good birth family and the wisdom of marrying very well,  that's the way it works out.  

My family,  and extended family on both sides,  are delightful.  Life with raising children isn't always perfect - it can be very hard - but all the adults in my family worked out.  ;D
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I had to vote for other as at this point----------- well into my 40's, my most trusted family member is my husband.  
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I also had to vote for other, because mine would be my husband.  We have been together for almost 7 years and been married for almost 5.  I can tell him anything and everything.  
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I put other not that i wouldnt tell my family most things but my best friend would be the one i share all my life and trusts with.
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I voted other.. I trust both of my parents and also some extended family members. Though the one I share things the most with is my fiance.  
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I voted other because "trust" is a mixed bag. At least, that's the way it is with me.

Trust with a secret? not my brother... I trust his open mindedness and balanced perspective; but he's a first class blabber mouth!

Trust for honesty? my mom; but, her opinions tend to be brutal... so; I can't telling "everything."

Trust to be supportive? my dad... but, in many ways he tends to tell people what they want to hear... so his suppressiveness tends to be more out of a sense of obligation; and not always heartfelt.

Trust my sister? same as my dad.

Trust grandma & grandpa? ...both sets of grand parents have been long dead... so, yeah, I guess I trust them.

Trust myself?... definitely not!

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I put other because I trust my husband the most.
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I consider my husband to be an extension of myself so he's not really a family member to trust or distrust...I have trust issues, but until he proves he is untrustworthy I look at him the same way I look at myself; we are both capable of breaking my trust and we are both capable of disappointing me, but I tend to try to give us both the benefit of the doubt ;-).

As far as other family members go...my father is the person I trust, hands down. I'm an only child so bro/sis doesn't apply, and I only have 1 set of grandparents who live far away and I have never been SUPER close with (Although I love them dearly).

My father and I have been friends ever since I stood up to him in college about being my own person and making my own choices/mistakes...he's always got my back and I can tell him anything. My mom and I have a toxic relationship and I can trust her to give me honest advice, as SHE sees it, and I can trust her not to let me end up on the streets with my kids...but beyond that, I don't tell her anything or trust her with my feelings.

I find it interesting that I was the only one to choose father as most trustworthy!
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