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almost lost him...

I had been telling my fiancé that I feel like he's seeing someone else. He kept telling me that was not the case, if it were do I think he would bother with me? I tell him idk what u would do. He says I I'm not,i say I feel you are? Monday I guess it was he called me and went off on me about how he's not seeing anybody else & to stop accusing him I don't thunk I was, just had a feeling. He said I think u want me to, that would make u happy. I'm like no. he just kept pounding into my head how he's not seeing anybody else & how I'm going to push him away if I keep accusing him & how its already starting. So stop it!( I think in a way I did want to push him away, I have trust issues & I think I'm trying to let him go our get rid of him before I get hurt! And I don't know how to express that to him. I was loiking for the easy way out[which is not what I want at all]&just going about it all wrong). Needless to say I almost lost the love of my life over MY FEELINGS! I still having that feeling in the back of my mind,but I haven't brought it to his attention because I do not want to lose him. I know no relationship is perfect &i come on and vent sol the time, but I'm learning to trust and not be accuseatory when I have no proof or evidence or he has shown me no actions that he would be. I'm living and learning.
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Sometimes it is hard to have self control.  At least you are accepting of the problem stemming from yourself. Maybe have a heart to heart with him and tell him how insecure you are and how you DO have a pattern of not trusting and pushing people away but you want to work on that within yourself.  good luck
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Every relationship takes work and you are seeing your problems and dealing with them. You need to talk to him tho and explain what was going on in your mind. A partners distrust can be very hurtful. You need to learn to always trust your partner unless he is proven guilty. It will greatly hinder if you dont
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