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what to do when you find out the father of your child, is watching DISTURBING porn all the time, even on mobile.
if it were just plain ole porn, i would not be so upset, but the sites he is watching involve very YOUNG people.  
i would imagine the porn companies make sure they are 18 and just look like young kids, but this disturbs the hell out of me.  at a loss, do not feel comfortable having him around my child anymore.  am i overreacting???
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Is this your current partner/ are you still together?  
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Men with very young women is a common fantasy.  That's why you see it as a porn scenario so often.  It doesn't indicate that your child would be in any danger with their father though in my opinion.  It is a big difference between that fantasy and fantasizing about young children.  

While it would gross me out, I don't think you should worry that your child is in danger.  
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By VERY young looking,  do you mean they look 16,  or do you mean they look 7?
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