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does it matter who says love first?

hi, me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 months now, and he is generally very affectionate.. he tells me he loves me all the time.. and squeezes me so tight and hugs me, and kisses me... etc..etc.   but sometimes like when we're on the phone or when im getting out of his car when he drops me off.. i want him to know that i love him... but i sometimes pause to see if he'll say it first.. and sometimes he doesn't.. does it really matter who says it first? is he just waiting to hear me say it first?
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i dont think it matters, but some guys like to hear the girl say it first. my boyfriend generally says i love you first when he takes me home or says it on the phone when we hang up. but i know he likes hearing it when i say it first. even though he knows i love him with all my heart, he tells me that he still likes to hear the "i love you" first from me.
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My Fiancee' and I have been together for going on 10 months, and I am 8 months pregnant.  We know we love each other, we are just not the type of couple that over uses those 3 words.  Most of the time I say "I love you today" to him.  We both believe in living in the present.  He tells our daughter in my belly he loves her all the time.  So, my belly hears it more than my face does.  =)  Don't put stress on hearing it all the time!!  Then it will become a chore and meaningless!
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thats makes so much sense! i think i knew this all along in the very back of my mind.. but you always realise it when someone else tells you straight out.
thanks a lot
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i dont think it matters as long as it is meaningful
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I believe to give as much as you can in a relationship. It's almost as if you're trying to outdo eachother in how much you care for the other person. Just giving him your best will enrich the relationship alone, so tell him you love him as much as you want, whether he says it first or not.
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