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gf confusioned me

My gf is confusion me
I have been dating here we live with our parents house
We meet before for movie n lunch n sex ...then she asked for marriage think I said no ...n we conti dating for three mouth but since I had said no to her ...we didnt had sex now its three month ...
First she yes to meet for sex n then later no to meet ...
And she start address me that we wasting time ...out normal meet also reduced
We still date n kiss but no sex ...
I want to conti the relationship but she wants to I can tell
But when I try to meet her she no most of the time
N we had many fights
Sometime I stop talking to her n sometime she
I want to have normal relationship that we had before she asked for marriage
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Your English isn't the best, so it is a bit difficult to understand you.

How long have you two been dating?  How old are you two?

I will agree with your gf; this is a waste of time.  You two want two different things.  She is looking for someone who is interested in marriage and you aren't.  I don't think you both made your intentions clear PRIOR to having sex.

I would recommend you move along and not waste your time or her time.

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