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how do I get over someone even though I didn't have anything with?

I felt stong feelings for this guy since I first met him, and I think that he knew I did. He has been the first close guy friend I've had so far we've been best friends for almost four years now, he behaves caring, sweet and a gentleman when he's around me. A few days after I broke up with my boyfriend: the memories came back. One time I felt the courage to take a chance and tell him what I felt but it was too late because he found someone else and it broke my heart I feel so stupid for falling for him.
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Great idea from SpecialMom: to see the movie 'When Harry Met Sally"

That movie is a Favorite with my Husband and I.  

We were Best Friends for 7 Years!! before We knew We were in Love!!  

Like You describe Your Friend:

He was always "caring, sweet and a gentleman" and I was always caring, sweet and a lady.  We've now been married 28 years and We are STILL Best Friends and We STILL marvel at the "turn" Our FriendShip took.

The "secret":

be Friends FIRST - Real, True, Genuine Friends!!  We have never had an issue in Our Marriage - there was not anything to learn about One Another that We didn't already know before We Married (except the LoveMaking (and that's been Wonderful) as our FriendShip was Deep and Meaningful - but Platonic)

Good Luck With Your Future With Your Friend
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Hm.  Have you ever seen the movie When Harry Met Sally?  Who knows, maybe your paths will cross again.  For now, move on and get really comfy with yourself.  I wouldn't date anyone while you mourn the loss of him (since discovering you had those romantic love feelings).  

good luck (oh, and do NOT chase him now that he is with someone.  That would be the wrong thing to do.  )
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