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i need to slow down.

today i noticed something about myself; that i try to move relationships up too fast.

there is this girl in school im sort of interested in. we met last week. i have her in two classes but we havent really talked that match, one of them being today. she seems a little interested in me too but i dont know how much.

well, today i said something that made me realize that i have this problem. it wasn't anything bad and she didnt really notice, but i definatelly did. i thought about it and i also realized that it also happened in my previous (and only) relationship, but i didnt notice at the time because almost every time she went with it.

here is the short version of my background as my psychologist says. as a child, i was unintentionally emotionally neglected by my parents and that empty love tank (as he calls it) continued into my teenage years. that plus almost no friends resulted in severe codependency. i think thats why i want to speed things up in any type of relationship.

now here is where i need help. how can i slow myself down?
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Well self awareness is a huge step.  So now knowing that this is what you do, perhaps doing the total opposite is what needs to be done.  You're not clear on what it is that you said or did that was rushing things.  Maybe if you shared that we can see where you went wrong and back track a bit.  
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i do know what i did. it was in the morning in school before it started. we were both outside the first class waiting for the teacher to open the door. i was still sleepy so i laid down on the floor and used the bookbag as a pillow. she asked if i was tired and i said yes. then i jokingly said "come on, sleep with me." afterwards i said "that sounded wrong" but in my head i knew it did when i said it. the other thing is that she had some stuff on her face and i told her. i pointed where it was but she kept going to the wrong place. i was going to take it off but i realized that i was going to touch her face and stopped. i know it sounds kind of weird but i dont think its right if you touch someones face when they havent even seen you more than 5 times or when you have barely talked to them, even if its to take something off their face.
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