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i told him i was ok with the break up but im really not at all did i make a mistake

My boyfriend and i broke up yesterday I tried to not cry when he was packing his things i even helped him to pack and tried my best to hold back the tears i love him so very much we broke up because he said that he needed his space and wanted to be alone we were together for 18 months last night i was so upset that it made me sick and i did not sleep very well at all last night i was looking at some advice online about how to get your ex back and it told me to write him a letter saying that i saw the break up coming and i thought it was the best thing to do for now Well i did this i wrote him a letter and told him that i was ok with everything and i hoped that we could still be friends that i wanted him to be happy. i left it in his truck while he is at work i am thinking that it may be a mistake leaving that because im not ok with the break up i want him back what do you think he will take from it do you think after reading this he will move on or rethink getting back together did i make a mistake im not ok with this at all
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Sorry to hear that..but if he say he needs his space and you helped him pack his things why bother? let him have his space...is that your picture up there with the lttlle boy? if it is you..you are a bueatiful girl. move on.. you dont need him cause right now he dont need..he want space!!! I wouldnt have wrote him a letter...how many men write a letter to get their ex back??? none that I know of...a woman love for a man is very strong...and though its returned its never returned fully...you should be glad your young and you have youth for the next man who will appericiate you...he dont seem to want what your offering..and his space means he want to explore his options...explore your and maybe he will come running back...but you the cat...hes the dog...cats dont chase dogs...dogs chase cats...ok you get me girl.
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thank you very much yes that is my pic of me and my little boy. i just dont know what to really do with my self i feel so heartbroken and all alone this is only like my second real relationship ever i dont have any family or friends for that matter my last relationship was for 11 years

I had closed my heart for so long but you came along and without thinking twice I let you in. When I thought I was so over ****, so over love a glance of you broke the wall I had been building for so long and now I lay in bed trying to mend the pieces I'v...e lost because he sai he loved me no more Lonely i sit trying to forget the day he told me till the end, I long for his touch, the smell of his clothes the wispers in my ear and his presence so near the songs that he sang to me the letters he sent to me The flowers he gave to me the pedals i kissed I am all alone and feel like nothing matters anymore I like to think that things can change and thats what hurts Time can only change what i am feeling therewill always be a place in my heart and soul for him now i start that long lonely journey again
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  Im so sorry to hear that... i know a break up is very hard... it feels like they took a part of you of your heart... all you need is time... the first couple of month might seem like end of the world but TRust me at the end of the tunnel is light, all that you feeling right now it will go away slowly but it will... just try to focus on you kid, he need you... And if this guys smart enough he will come back to you, as im sure your a great girl. if he wants some space the let him be... this will get better and will soon go back to normal, eve if it is without him..

Best wishes for you and hope you find peace in your heart!!!!
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