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ive come to the conclusion some people are idiots

My sister and her bigamist husband (he is married to my sister AND another woman at the same time and its not a religious thing) are stupid. He wrote 1300 dollars in hot checks KNOWING they only have income of 700 a month. (He is a lazy SOB who REFUSES to work) well checks got sent to DA office. He made arrangements to go in dec 1 to sit it out in jail for 30 days so it would be covered. Well now he decided to RUN to san antonio texas because he doesnt want to sit in jail and has talked my sister into going with him..

What idiots! Smh.
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oh boy lol I would agree with the idiot statement that's for sure lol. I truly hope all is solved with the least amount of problems for your sister, but that is aiding and bedding of a wanted person from what I understand of the law. I would strongly advise her to come home
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Sadly she wont listen. She is still in that whole i know more than you do phase. :( shes already spent time in jail for writing hot checks as well..even wrote a hot check to get out of jail early for writing the hot checks. (If thats not an idiot idk what is!) He is going to end up getting her sent to prison right along with him and she refuses to see that. :/
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Well, I was just going to ask, what the heck is wrong wtih your sister?  Is she the idiot you are refering to in the title or the man SHE married?  

This is how I look at things----  we all have a brain and we all make choices.  She's made a choice to tie her life to this kind of man and to stay with him.  "she won't listen" means she doesn't want your help.

Sadly, this is life.  I would move on from trying to be involved and say silent prayers that your sister will be alright.  And you can be a warm place for her to fall if things crumble in her life (as they sound like they are).  And your best advice to her is for her to get some kind of job training so that she can earn a decent living and that if there is any way she can seek some counseling to explore why she settled for such a sub par type of person,
Wishing your sister luck and you luck as well.  
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I just wanted to add that it is one of the most diffiuclt things to endure ---  watching a loved one making grave errors in judgement.  I feel for you and wish I knew and easy answer on how to get her out of this predicament but in reality, shei s going to have to want to herself.  good luck and sorry for your heartache
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I would say this is somewhat different from idiocy and poor judgement - I would call it "CRIMINAL".  They both (Sister too) are breaking the law.  Bigamy is against the law, so is writing hot checks.  Your Sister could go to prison on Her own merit.  She knows right from wrong - She is choosing this behavior.
It's the Good who feel bad when Loved Ones do wrong.  This I know is true.
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