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i used to drunk alot , i was an alcoholic,and i was a bad kid didn't do anything right i hert alot of people but i meet this girl that change my life forever . i fell in love with this girl to where i do anything for her . i haven't drank since i meet her and few month ago i asked her to marry me and she said yes and i could be happyer
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You are also co-dependent.  It is ok, that is very common for people that have addicitons.  Their addictions typically switch from one catagory to another.  Hence, you not drinking and becoming "addicted" to your young lady.  I am happy that you have found love.  It is a healthier addiction for you instead of drinking and she sounds like a nice lady.  Getting engaged so early in the relationship is not healthy for any relationship, especially one where a partner has had addiction problems.  I know, due to working with clients much like yourself, that if something happened to your young lady you would go right back to drinking.  In your profile description for today, it screams co-dependency towards your girlfriend.  You have to love you and feel independent for you before loving someone else.  I also gather that you can be controlling towards her even if you do not know you are doing this.  For instance, not wanting her to be anywhere but with you.  Please please enroll yourself in a co-dependency program so that you can be ok with you and ease up those nasty addictions.  I am not being harsh, just being my natural self.  A social worker with a big heart to help others.  Please take care of yourself and I am proud of you for being sober.  Now it is time you work on you.  BTW, I am a recovering co-dependent myself!  Best wishes, Kristen, BSW  
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i am proud of you, to be addicted to your girl rather than ach. is a great thing. i myself use to drink and struggle everyday with addiction, i can control it but sometimes i slip.
i never got real help, but got a dui and that cured me, or opened my eyes, i could only wish my addition was my boyfriend,,, what was your sec. or maybe you never had a addition pro. to begin with, just thought you drank alot.   good luck
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