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I hurt... I hurt... my dream just blew up and i dont even no why    .... if i new what I did wrong I could try
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Oh, now you are scaring me Gwen.  Why do you think your boyfriend cheating is your fault?  Why not say the truth-------  he lacks self control, he has low character and he is not worthy of you being with him??  That is the truth.  Men who cheat can cheat on fabulous women.  They are just cheaters.

So rather than feeling bad about yourself, feel bad about him and kick him to the curb.  He's not worth your heartache.  

There are a lot of men that will be loyal to you.  Use this relationship as a lesson for how to handle your next one----  and  by that I mean, look for warning signs earlier and don't ignore them.  good luck
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Stop blaming ur self u ddnt do wrong! He's da 1 whu shud b feelin bad so plz dnt do dat 2 ur slf, u dzv more dan dat
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Gwen, how are you doing?  I know you must be going through a really rough time right now.  My ex husband who I was with for 20 years total, and the guy I met right after him both cheated and I still struggle with it.
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