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need an advice on what to do I dated a boy when we where both young I was at the age of 11 and he was at the age of 12/13 not too sure but we where so much in love wit each other we face problem but we fix it I use to love much that I could not help it that sometime he talks to me about other girls that he has been asking out but I don't care  when he mension about them because I was crazy about him we on day had I fight and breakup after we dated  for 4 year but he later apologize at first I said no but I proof to me that he was sorry by going down on his keens in the street full of pupils so I accepted we reconcile but I ended it after 4 months because I was thinking that he was dating another girl he try to explain himself but I never gave him the chance to explain himself because I was angry he came over to my place but I never gave him the chance he ever jump out of a running car but yet still I did not give him the chance he later give up and date the same person I ended the relationship but I wants try to date again but it never workout  but that relationship last just for 2weeks its been 5years now but for the past 2months  I have been having dreams of me and him been together in a wonderful relationship and end up been married the I wrote to him last month because I needed to clear something of my mind because I wanted to tell him how much he broke my heart and the fact that I still cry for him after 5years was killing me but him reply saying the same things I wanted to  say that I break his heart and that he can't love again and that I never gave him the chance to explain himself  that he was not dating that girl when he was dating me and that he still love me and I also told him how much I love him but he travel and we are countries apart but wen ever we chating he always call me with sweet names we also have lot of similarities together but it seems like he doesn't have my time because he does to write to me or even create a time to chat or call me so what should I do should I just forget about him or should I fight for our love
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Hi, i feel much of what the both of you are feeling are from unresolved issues and thoughts of "what it could have been". The fact is they could not be resolved and unless you both are willing to change the same issues will come up again.
If it were me, i would just put this behind you and move on to meet someone your more compatable with.
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Move on and forget this one.  Don't live in "should of could of" land.
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Especially over a 'romance' when you were 11 years old.  Mature love is not something an 11 year old can do so any feelings about it now years later is based on a fantasy.

Live in the here and now!  good luck
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