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missing her ex

my b.f is keep missing her ex g.f..and he is always sad about her ex, how she cheated on him and he is always honest about how he feels to me. He says he can't be with her anymore, but still he says the best thing that ever happened to him was meeting her, He says , that he was in love with this girl. I met my b.f 2 years ago, and after a year of dating we broke up, and he went back to his ex g.f , then they broke up, and now we were trying again..
My question is what should i do? I try my best to make him happy but in the end of day, he is sad bcz she is not beside him, i told him , he can go back to her, but he says he doesn't want to lower himself anymore and seems like her ex has a new b.f now..
i really love my b.f but i am afraid that he will never love me like his ex g.f.. i wanna put his past away, but he keeps bringing it on.. i was always beside him after he broke up, and he always cried over her beside me, :(
i dont know what i am doing is right anymore?! i dont see him crazy about seeing me at all.. but he is always taking care of me, and very nice to me, but he is keep thinking i am putting him in a box too, which is not true, although i love to spend every day with him, i realized this is not what he likes, so i am giving him space he needs too..
i know i can't do anything to make him forget her, it is part of his past, but i dont know how should i proceed from here?  
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You asked a similar question back in March.

  My only response to this article, if legit, is.....And you're still with him????
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true, i  asked this question before too, i still was n't sure what to do..
thx for ur time and reading it..
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You can't change anyone but yourself! If he still has feelings for his ex, he is high risk for not only to go back to her as soon as she tells him to, but he is high risk for infidelity. He might be with you now and care about you, but he is NOT in love with you. It will only be a matter of time that he will venture elsewhere, but you know that.

Do you want to improve your life, well-being, state of mind and emotional state? You need to accept what you can't change and move on. This relationship is dysfunctional and unhealthy and you are going to end up if you already not, hurt or broken hearted. It's time to leave this man and move on. Surround yourself with family and good friends for support and find the courage within to walk away from him, because although he is with you, his heart and soul are somewhere else. Good Luck.
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