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my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together about 1 /12 and I know he looks at..but he lies about all the time when I ask about it. But furthermore I found that he has looked up or googled something that haunts my nights. He has looked up nudes of my daughter... And when confronted about this he his denies it all and tell me I'm crazy. There is a big age difference between us. And I'm thinking about leaving him. Am I wrong for this
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1.  You should have a talk with your daughter about why she would be posting nude pics of herself for all to see

2.  How do you know he is doing this?  What evidence do you have?

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Agree with Chima...........more info is needed here.  

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I'm confused about several things, cause your post has like, zero information.
-How old is everyone? Meaning you, your daughter, and your gross boyfriend?
-Why are there naked pictures of your daughter available on the internet and how did your gross boyfriend find out about it to know they were there?
-Does your daughter know that her mother's boyfriend is searching for these pictures of hers online? And has she done anything to block him from finding them?

I think it's pretty obvious that you can't stay with him. Are you older or younger than him? Is he closer to your daughter's age and you think maybe he is using you to get to her? It wouldn't be the first time that happened. I've heard of that happening to older women who date younger men.

But I'm still not sure what is happening here because you barely gave any details. Please answer the questions and it will be easier to help.
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Ditto Ditto the above replies!!!  This isn't even a close call.  Leave.
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Oh yes.  I'd leave immediately.  There are men that prey on women with daughters hon.  That is disturbing and I wouldn't allow him in the house with her anymore.  That's a deal breaker and utterly creepy.  Not sure why there are any nude photos of your daughter but in general if he is googling pics of her . . .  creepy.  

I'd definitely go with your gut and get your daughter out of a home with him.  good luck
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First question, why do you have nude photos of your daughter? Are we talking normal baby in a bath photos or is she older? Having any photos of that nature of a child that is older is worry some by its self.

Secondly, and most importantly, LEAVE. You are responsible for keeping your daughter safe. She is not safe. You need to go.
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