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new group : o)

well i started a group for the creative bunch here. (i know i'm not the only one who has a creative streak!) it's for discussions on what you're passionate about (reading, writing, art, music....anything). you can come and chit chat about a project your working on or on life.


everyone is welcome!!
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Hi Heather, Congratulations on your new forum...real excited for you!!!! I did checked it out and wanted to post a comment, but it did not have a "Post Comment" section. You did receive one message, but I was not able to do so, I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this temporary problem?  Judy
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oh that s ucks! i'll have to message the mods and see if there is something wrong with them. thanks for telling me judy!
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yes i had the same problem   jo
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I don't understand.I do see several posting, but I  still can't :(
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that's really weird....did you try to join the group? maybe that's the only way you can post.
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Duh! There is a "join" button by the "Creativity and Beyond" title...just in case anyone is duh like me and can't find it :)
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