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numbness of penis

my penis feels numb to a stage where while having sex i cannot sustain a full erection. i dont know whether this is becasue of my lower back problem (which gave me intense pain from time to time about a year ago and still feels very stiff at times) or could it be due to me jelqing my penis thinking i can enlarge it by doing that. what could be the reason for my numbness and what could i do to regain the sensation on my penis?    

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Talk to your doctor you may have a pinched nerve or a damaged nerve.
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if i have pinched nerve or damaged nerve, would there be a cure? and would i be able to gain full sensation on my penis again?
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Well if it's a pinched nerve they could possible do something to help it but I can't say for sure if you will be able to gain full sensation in your penis again.  They can prescribe muscle relaxers to help "unpinch" pinched nerves in your back.  But again I can't tell you 100%.  I think a doctors appointment is the best way to go.  Write some questions down before you go.  Ask him if he thinks it could possibly be caused by a pinched nerve and they may want to do more testing.  Good luck and sorry I don't have a definate answer for you.
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Stop streaching your penis
very dangerous nerve damage will occour
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