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My husband looks at other women and it really hurts me, so much that i have anxiety attacks.  I feel like its my fault and
i am being silly, but i can't stop the feelings.  It just makes me feel unattractive and not good enough for him.  What can
i do to feel better?  i feel like i am going nuts.
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You need to work on your self image. The problem is with you, not anything your husband is doing or not doing. It is your view of you. You are insecure, feel unworthy, and unable to hang onto a man. Other women are a threat to you.
There will always be someone prettier than you and there will always be women to turn your husbands head. Normal, My hubby looks, I look and then we either laugh or talk about how attractive some one is or is not. Has nothing to do with sex. Everyone appreciates an attractive person. If you do not trust your man, it is either your own self image, or you need to lose the guy. You need to understand that this can literally ruin your marriage if you do not get help.
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i agree with teko we all look, remember he chose you and he can tell when you get anxious you must do something to get over this my husband was a friendly person to all before he got sick he talked with men women all it did not bother me that was his way  luck  jo
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I think a man who looks at other women in front of his wife is disrespectful and just plain rude. Tell him to knock it off. That it bothers you and you will not tolerate disrespectful behavior that make you feel uncomfortable and rightfully so, insecure. I believe that if he is bold enough to look at them in front of you, if a woman response to his look, he has the capability to take it to the next level. Good Luck, Judy
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I agree that you need to work on your self image. Men are very visual creatures and their natural instict is to look. I also think that if a man is with his wife- he will still look and this is normal. It is human nature. He shouldn't however stare at her or lust after her.
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I dont agree with most of the posts on here. it is highly disrespectful when your husband looks at other women. i mean if its just a glance or something simple, it happens. but i mean if he is oogling them up and down then thats a problem. checking someone out is a no no after you are married. but if its just a glance or her chest is popping out and you cant help but notice then its just a guy thing. i mean it would be like a guy walking around with his penis hanging out, hard to notice but kind of funny. same thing. sometimes you cant help but look.
I am also one that thinks porn is cheating and that you should never sleep with anyone but your spouse. It IS ok to be hurt by these things. it is NOT your fault that he is doing this. he is just being an immature man that cant keep his eye balls in his head. It is HIM not YOU. it just means that you arent comfortable with him looking at other women. I am not ok with my husband looking at other girls. its all opinion sweetie. my husband would be offended if i was looking at other men. but we are extremely tight knit and thats ok with us, we arent the norm.
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